The Reuel company has been established in 2005 in Helsinki Finland. Reuel produces self-development material for spiritual seekers and teachers. Reuel also manufactures healing Crystal generators.

Personal info

My name is Arje Sakari Silander and I began my spiritual journey about 15 years ago, when my earth spirit guide had appeared to me, during a visit to Israel. After that I went to countless courses where I learned a lot about myself.

During this period I’ve developed the Merkaba programming technique, which is based on Atlantian and kabbalistic knowledge. Later on I developed the DNA-programming method, which is based on a symbol given to me by the Angels in 2006.

Once I learned how to program my DNA, I’ve reprogrammed my DNA with a “complete self knowledge program”. In 2008 I woke up and in 2010 I become enlightened.

Ever since I woke up I could switch into a soul mode, where I can speak with myself and other people’s souls.

Since my third eye has opened I could check other people’s/light being’s energy fields and receive information about them and myself. I only do this if I have permission from the person itself or his soul.

Once I have gotten to know the original Creator (inside me) I have learned how to channel it’s healing energy to people who needs it. I have also learned how to remove energy from myself and other people and to give it to the Creator for transformation.

At the moment I am concentrating on helping Mother Earth and humanity to rise to their full potential.

Everything I have learned during my journey can be learned by you as well. Each one of us has a the Creator’s light inside of them. Each one of us can create what ever we want for our selves.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or you need any help.

Yours truly, Arje Sakari Silander

Contact info:

Arje Sakari Silander
Kiviteltankatu 3A11,
00710 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 45 6349000