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Activating your Crystal Body by using the energies of the Crystal Skulls

In the spring of 2010, I was visiting Israel. I was in the Golan Heights when I learned of a place called Rujm El Hiri. Rujm El Hiri is famous for its four ancient stone circles. In the middle of the stone circles there is a heap of stones, underneath which there is a small room.
Since I have never been to Rujm El Hiri, I decided to go there and meditate. While I was searching for information on the site’s location, I discovered that it was inside an Israeli Army practice area and it was only accessible on weekends. Since I had a few days till the weekend I decided to visit Kursi as well.

Kursi is located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is famous for the swine miracle that Jesus did. According to this man, the place has a healing vortex inside it. Apparently there is a fifth dimensional Lemurian city in there and in the middle of that city there are five healing crystals, which create the healing vortex. In this dimension, the place is a national park, with ruins of an ancient church, a bath house and a monastery. The healing Vortex is located near two benches inside the park.

The next day I visited Kursi, I sat down on the bench next to the fifth dimensional crystals, and connected with them. Powerful healing energy began flowing through me and I saw glimpses of the Lemurian city. I also connected to the fifth dimensional me for a while.

The “healing benches” at Kursi

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