In 2006 I received a symbol from the Angels, that enables us to connect to our DNA and reprogram or activate it.

After four years of development, the DNA programming method is now ready. The technique is based on the knowledge that our DNA is multi dimensional and that we create our physical bodies by changing our DNA.

We create a vision of what we want for our selves and pass it to our multidimensional DNA. Our multi dimensional DNA changes the structure of our light bodies to accumulate our new vision, and finally the physical manifestation of our vision is created from our light-body blueprints. The vision is made into a physical reality.

Many of us are doing this creative process unconsciously and contradictively: One day we create a beautiful vision where we are happy and have everything we need. The next day, we don’t feel so well, so we create a vision where we are miserable and have nothing. The contradicting visions null themselves out and nothing happens! That is why it’s important to create our lives consciously and consistently. To visualize the same vision every day until it becomes a physical reality.

This can be very hard, because each one of us has bad days, where we lose faith in ourselves and our dreams. Fortunately though, I’ve been given a solution to this problem as well: I have received a technique, from the Angels, that allows you to transfer your vision for the future, into a crystal. Once the vision is safe inside a crystal, the Crystal is given permission to reprogram your DNA, according to your vision, everyday. So even if you have a bad day, the crystal will restore your vision into your DNA and keep you on track to fulfilling our dreams.

Together the DNA-programming and Crystal programming techniques ensures that your dreams will become a reality quickly and efficiently.

The science world believes that our DNA can be programmed as well – they call the changes “mutations”. The science world just hasn’t yet agreed that we create these “mutations” in the DNA ourselves.

Once we realise that we are the ones responsible for our bodies and lives, we can then create for our selves the life that we want.

The DNA-programming technique will help you in making your dreams come true and will help you to unleash your full potential, for the benefit of the whole humanity.

If you are interested in learning how to program your DNA and make your dreams come true, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly arrange a course for you.

Yours truly, Arje Sakari Silander