Activating your Crystal Body by using the energies of the Crystal Skulls

In the spring of 2010, I was visiting Israel. I was in the Golan Heights when I learned of a place called Rujm El Hiri. Rujm El Hiri is famous for its four ancient stone circles. In the middle of the stone circles there is a heap of stones, underneath which there is a small room.
Since I have never been to Rujm El Hiri, I decided to go there and meditate. While I was searching for information on the site’s location, I discovered that it was inside an Israeli Army practice area and it was only accessible on weekends. Since I had a few days till the weekend I decided to visit Kursi as well.

Kursi is located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is famous for the swine miracle that Jesus did. According to this man, the place has a healing vortex inside it. Apparently there is a fifth dimensional Lemurian city in there and in the middle of that city there are five healing crystals, which create the healing vortex. In this dimension, the place is a national park, with ruins of an ancient church, a bath house and a monastery. The healing Vortex is located near two benches inside the park.

The next day I visited Kursi, I sat down on the bench next to the fifth dimensional crystals, and connected with them. Powerful healing energy began flowing through me and I saw glimpses of the Lemurian city. I also connected to the fifth dimensional me for a while.

The “healing benches” at Kursi

After the meditation I started touring around the ruins, and to my amazement I found the Three Lilies symbol I was given by the Angels in 2006. We will use this symbol to activate our crystal bodies.

The Mosaic floor in Kursi

The Golden Lily symbol I was given in 2006

A few days later I also visited Rujm El Hiri. It was really hard finding the place, but after a few hours of walking we found it. I meditated in Rujm El Hiri as well, and it had strong energies as well, but not as strong as in Kursi.

Rujm El Hiri. You can see the ventilation hole of the Central Room on the left of the picture.


Inside the room, in the middle of the stone heap, in the center of Rujm El Hiri.

A week later I visited the Dead Sea that I prefer to call in its Hebrew name: The Salt Sea.
I went there with Jacob, who is a powerful healer. A year before, Jacob has visited the Shasta Mountain, where he has activated the dimensional shift engine of Mother Earth. This Engine speeds us up towards the fifth dimension.

The Salt Sea is a really special place: its salt percentage is so big, that we can think of it as one large salt crystal. It is also the lowest Sea in the world, which means that it’s one of the closest places to centre of Mother Earth.

While we were driving to the Salt Sea, Jacob started channelling instructions for us. He said that the Angels have been preparing the place for us. He said that we will activate the Crystal grid around Mother Earth, which I have slowly built over many life times. He said that I should connect to all my dimensions and through them I will have access to all the parts of the Crystal network. Once I am connected, He will connect to the dimensional shift engine and then he will connect the engine to the Crystal Grid, and the grid will start working once more.

We reached the Salt Sea and climbed on top of a hill over looking the Sea. We found an ancient temple, and immediately knew that this is the right place. In the middle of the temple there was a stone circle, inside which we sat down after a brief shamanic ceremony.

The ruined temple overlooking the Salt Sea

We called the Twelve Creating Masters to help us and gave them permission to do all that is necessary through us. I then unified all my dimensions into one and unified myself with all the different parts of the crystal network. Jacob unified himself with the dimensional shift engine and then he connected the energies of the engine through me to the crystal grid. He then began feeding energy from the engine to the crystal grid until it all lit up around Mother Earth. I saw a blinding crystal network forming around Mother Earth. I saw how the power in the crystal grid slowly started building up and I knew that the grid will work in full power in a few weeks.

Jacob and me

The meditation lasted for only about ten minutes. Once we finished the powering up, a feeling of great relief overwhelmed me. I felt as though a huge project has finally ended succesfully and now I can rejoice for a while and then continue forwards. We then went down to the Salt Sea and floated there for a while…

Floating in the Salt Sea

The next day the volcano in Island erupted… 🙂

When I returned to Finland I was totally exhausted, the trip to Israel has taken all my strength and I was ill for a few weeks. First I got an Israeli flu, and right after it a Finnish flu…

In Finland I got to know that the stone circles in Rujm El Hiri are arranged in the same shape as the Capital city of Atlantis used to look like: four circles with a temple in the middle. So it looks like I first connected myself to the energies of Atlantis in Rujm El Hiri. Then I unified myself with the energies of Lemuria in Kursi. Once the energies were aligned, I was able to activate the crystal grid. Good things happen when you let your intuition guide you…

Once I was feeling better, I began working once again. We helped anchor the energies of Jesus to the planet and to the crystal grid. The Crystal network around the Earth was working in an almost full capacity by then.
At the same evening we also helped anchor the energies of Maitreya.
In the next meditation session, we learned that a virtual crystal has been placed in the Finnish Parliament building. So we connected it to the crystal network and helped clean the place from all the “black” energies inside it. While we were doing that we saw that virtual crystals have been placed in parliament building all round the world. We connected all of them to the crystal network.

In the next meditation we learned about the crystal skulls. With the help of Raimo, we connected to the crystal skulls energy and they have given us the next meditation, through which you can activate the sleeping parts of your DNA and activate your crystal bodies.

How to activate your Crystal Body

Sit in a comfortable position, breath deeply and relax.
Meditate on the energy of the crystal skulls that is located inside Mother Earth.
Unify yourself with the energies of the crystal skulls. Let the energies of the crystal skulls unite with your heart centre.

Imagine that a crystal skull is transplanted inside your chest. Go inside the crystal skull inside your chest.
Feel who the energy of the crystal skull fills you completely. See how the energy of the crystal skull rises to your head and a second crystal skull appears inside your head.

Connect yourself to the original creator and Mother Earth with a tube of light, so that the tube of light begins with the original creator, goes through your heart centre and ends in the middle of Mother Earth.

Send your love to Mother Earth and to the Original Creator. Feel how Mother Earth and the Original Creator send you their love back. Enjoy this flow of love inside of you for a while.

Unify the love of Mother Earth and the Original Creator with your own love.
From this unified love, a ball of light is born inside your chest. Feel how this ball of light expands until it fills you up completely. Once you are completely full of love, feel how the ball of light expands further until you are completely surrounded by love – you are inside a ball of love, and it surrounds you from all directions.
Enjoy this energy for a while.

Feel how the energy of the crystal skull inside your chest becomes one with the love inside your chest. Feel how your heart centre and the crystal skull begin to vibrate in the same frequency.

Feel how the crystal vibration spreads to your physical heart and to your liver. Feel how your heart and liver begin vibrating in the same frequency of the crystal skull as well.

Concentrate back on the ball of light inside your chest that vibrates in the same frequency as your crystal skull. From this ball of light grow three crystal Lilies upwards towards your head. The stems of the lilies entwine around each other as they grow upwards. When the crystal lilies reach your head, the first of them comes out of the top of your head and a crystal lily opens up. The second lily grows out of your third eye and another crystal Lily flower opens up. The third lily grows from the back of your head and a third crystal lily opens up.

Crystal lilies now start growing everywhere in your body: to your arms, legs, torso, back, neck, head, stomach, everywhere. Every time the lilies come out of your skin, a crystal lily opens up. You are soon covered with crystal lily flowers.
Enjoy this energy for a while!

Now that the crystal Lilies are everywhere inside of you, you are in genetic programming mode and you can activate your sleeping DNA strands and activate your crystal body.

Ask the crystal skull inside your chest to transfer the “light codes for activating your crystal body” into your physical heart and liver. These light codes will activate your sleeping DNA strands. Guide the light codes from the crystal skull to your physical heart and to your liver. Ask the light codes to duplicate themselves quickly, so that there will be as many codes as there are DNA strands in your body. Feel how the codes burst into flames and the flame of the codes, move through your veins into each of your cells and through your liver into each of your glands. Ask the light code to reprogram each one of your cells and glands, and activate your crystal body.

When you feel that the fire of the light codes have entered all your cells and glands, know that your crystal body has now been activated.

Now ask the original Creator to remove all the programs from you, which are in conflict with the new light codes. Feel how all the conflicting programs/energies leave you.

Congratulations! You have now activated your sleeping DNA and have activated your crystal body.

You can access your crystal body by concentrating on the crystal skull inside your head.

Love and light, Arje Sakari Silander

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