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Black and White – Darkness and Light

Since talking about darkness is a big taboo in spiritual peers here in Finland and there are no good articles to be found on the subject, I decided to share my own experiences on darkness and light with you. Maybe than the mist over the subject will be cleared and the taboo will be lifted…

Tarot card journeys on the Kabbalistic tree of life and confronting the devil

My first experience on the subject was when I made meditative journeys with the Tarot cards of the major arcana. I’ve read in some kabbalah book that it is possible to make meditative journeys on the tree of life using the tarot cards as your guide. So I decided to try it out myself.

   Kabbalistic tree of life with the Circle of Life Tarot cards

The tarot cards represent the spiritual journey each one of us can take during our lifetimes. Each one of us can take the journey from being a Fool to being the whole universe. When we meditate with the tarot cards, we can get acquainted with what will lay a head on our spiritual journey. According to the book I’ve read (I forgot its name), we should begin every journey on the kabbalistic tree of life, from the bottom of the tree, from the Malchut Sephira. And we most also finish each journey in that same sephira. Because the Malchut Sephira represents the physical plane, so it’s good to return to our physical bodies at the end of each meditation.

So I began doing meditative journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, using the tarot cards.

The first journey I made was: Malchut -> Yesod -> Hod -> Malchut.

I choose the following cards for my meditative journey:

10 Wands -> XXI The World -> 9 Swords -> XIX The Sun -> 8 Cups -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

Pentacles represent the physical realm, so I wanted to end the journey with a pentacle card. For the number cards you can choose cards from whichever suit you prefer. Each suit (Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands) will have a different feel to it. So, choose your cards intuitively depending on the journey you want to make.

The tarot cards I chose for my first meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

During the journey, I picked the first card I have chosen, and imagined for a second that I am the hero of that card. I then moved on to the next card, and again imagined that I am the hero of that card too. And like that, I went through all the cards I have chosen until I ended back in Malchut again. With each card I got a vision or a sensation and it felt like I’m actually making a physical journey.

For my second trip I decided to visit the Netsach Sephira (no. 7). The journey I planned was:

Malchut -> Yesod -> Netsach -> Malchut.

This time I decided to concentrate on the emotional plane and only choose cards from the cups suit:

10 Cups -> XXI The World -> 9 Cups -> XVII The Star -> 7 Cups -> XXVIII The Moon -> 10 Cups.

The tarot0 cards I chose for my second meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Again, I saw visions and had emotional experiences during the journey. The journey felt real again.

I kept making other journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, until I went all the way up to the Tiferet Sephira (No. 6). If you examine the kabbalistic tree of life, you will notice that in order to get to Tiferet you have to go through either the Devil or the Death cards. So I mustered all my courage and made the following trip:

Malchut -> Netsach -> Tiferet -> Hod -> Malchut.

The cards I’ve chosen for the trip were:

10 Pentacles -> XXVIII The Moon -> 7 Cups -> XIII Death -> 6 Swords -> XV The Devil -> 8 Wands -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

The tarot cards I chose for my third meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Once again, I had different visions with each card: when I was meditating with the Death card I saw myself as a soul who continues from life to life and is not tied up to any particular physical body. When I meditated with the Devil card The Angel of Dualism appeared to me. He told me that each one of us has the potential to be good or bad. That it is our choice. And there is no evil as such. Each one of us has the option of doing good, or doing evil. It is up to us. He said there is no outside force, who will try to force us into doing evil. We are all one, inside the Creator.

The tarot cards in the images are from the Circle of Life tarot pack, by Pietro Alligo and Alessandro Starrantino.

They are round and they have the fairies’ energy in them. I highly recommend them, if you like working with the fairies.

Circle of Life tarot pack

If you want to read more about the Tarot cards and the spiritual journey, each one of us can make from a fool to being the whole Universe, I recommend reading the book “Tarot”, by Elisabeth Haich.

The cover of the book Tarot by Elisabeth Haich

Overcoming dualism

My next experience with Darkness and Light was when I have finally reached my heart-consciousness, after many years of spiritual practice. At the time I was reading a lot about Light and Darkness (above and below) and it felt like it was time for me to balance my Light and Darkness together into one. So I meditated on the subject and called upon my soul and my Inner Christ to help me integrate my Light and Darkness into one.

When I called for him, the Inner Christ showed up and he advised me to first call upon all of my Light to come back to me. After that he advised me to give my heart permission to take control over all of my Light. I did as my Inner Christ advised, and it felt like thousands of Light particles streamed back in to my body and my aura got much bigger.

After that, the Inner Christ advised me to call all of my darkness back to me as well, and give my heart permission to control it too. Again, I did as Christ advised, and all of my darkness came back to me as well.

After that the Inner Christ advised me to give my heart permission to unify all my Light and all my Darkness back together. I gave my heart permission to do so, and this time I saw how two spheres, one made of Light, and one made of darkness, slowly combine together with the power of love and become one. I have finally won Dualism.

Darkness and Light integrated by love

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