How to build a Lemurian Light Beam crystal device

In the spring of 2010 I visited a place called Kursi, which is located on the shores the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Kursi is famous for the swine miracle that Jesus did. According to an Israeli researcher, there is a Lemurian city in there in another dimension. In that city there is a light beam generator made from five crystals.

The five crystals are arranged so that there is a large crystal in the middle pointing upwards and four other crystals arranged around it. The four crystals have been programmed to collect energy from there surroundings and to feed that energy to the big crystal in the middle. The big middle crystal then collects that energy and creates a light beam that harmonizes the area.

A few months ago I decided to try and copy the design of the kursi crystal device and build a smaller version for home use.
The first device worked so well I began building devices for my friends from polyester. Unfortunately polyester turned out to be too poisonous to work with. So I simplified the design, and began using glass and sand instead.

So here is my guide for building a Lemurian light beam crystal device

How to build a Lemurian ‘Light Beam’ crystal device


  • a bowl or a plate.
  • sand or earth.
  • four quartz crystal points.
  • one slightly bigger quartz crystal point. (a double point will be better, but the device will work with one point as well)

Use your intuition to choose the five crystals. Try to pick up powerful looking crystals. The bigger the crystals are, the more powerful the device will be. But please keep in mind that if the device is for personal use, there in no point in buying huge crystals. 10-20 cm in length should do the trick… Choose the bigger, middle, crystal first and let it guide you and help you choose the other four crystals. Make sure that the bigger crystal has a clear part in it that goes all the way around. This clear part will process the energies of the other four crystals – We will aim the other crystals at the clear part.

Once you have chosen your crystals, it’s best to ask them if they want to be a part of your device. Hold them in your left hand, and then enter the crystal in your mind. Don’t go too deep into the crystal, as you might get lost… 🙂 Once inside, call the spirit of the crystal and ask it if it wants to be a part of your device. If the crystal agrees, then you an use it in the device.
If the crystal doesn’t want to be a part of the device, please choose another crystal. The crystals know what they are doing, so please trust their judgment.

Programming the crystal

Sit down, relax and go into a meditative state.
Create a tube of light that will start in the original source, go through you and end up in the middle of Mother Earth.
Send love to the source and Mother Earth.
Feel how the source sends you love back, as does Mother Earth.
Unify the loves of the source and Mother Earth with your own love and feel how a ball of light is created inside your chest.
Feel how the ball of love grows bigger and bigger until you are completely surrounded by love. This love will protect you during the programming procedure.

Hold the crystal in your left hand (the receiving hand).
Send love to the crystal.
Ask the crystal for permission to program it. If the crystal agrees, then continue forwards. If it doesn’t, please choose another crystal/program.
Ask the crystal to give you its three programming keys. Save the three light keys in your heart.
Now give the crystal permission to clean it self through you. Once you feel the crystal is clean continue to the next step.

Move the crystal to your right hand (the giving hand).
Send love to the crystal.
Send the three programming keys that the crystal has given you, to the crystal.
Ask your soul to send the crystal: “the program for a Lemurian light beam crystal device”.
Once the program has been sent, send the three programming keys again, from your heart to the crystal. Sending the three keys again will seal the program in the crystal.

Program all the five crystals as explained above.

Put the sand in the plate or the bowl you have bought and even it out so that it will look nice.. 🙂
Send love to the sand, and ask the sand crystals to support the crystals in it.
Gently position the big crystal in the middle of the plate.
Gently place the other four crystals so that they are in 90 degree angles to the middle crystal and themselves. The tips of the four crystals should be pointing towards the middle crystal.

The device is ready. Place it in a strategic position in your home.
Ask the crystals of the device to please create a beam of light.
The crystals will start collecting energy and transforming it to light.
After a few minutes the light field will grow and start harmonizing the area around the device.
Leave the device in one place and send love to the crystals from time to time, and tell them how great it is to have them in your home.

You can decorate the device with other stones if you like. Program these stones as well, to support the device.

If you want you can put more then four crystals around your middle crystal, trust your intuition in that matter. Make sure that you prgram all the extra crystals as well and that they are all pointing towards the middle crystal.

Once your home device is ready, make another device for you work place. Give devices to all your family members. Plant devices near places with “bad” energy. Hide devices in your city hall, parliament building, police stations, prisons, schools etc.
The devices will work fine under ground as well, so feel free to hide them underground as well… 🙂

It’s up to us to change this place – no one else will do it for us…

Love and light, Arje Sakari silander

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