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The Kalevala nature body DNA activation

A few weeks ago, I participated in a spiritual happening in the city of Kotka, which lays on the eastern shore of Finland. The happening was organised by my friend Mikko Taskinen and was focused on the Kalevala, which is a collection of old Finnish shamanistic poems. During the happening, the characters from the Kalevala were channelled to the audience. It was then that I received a message from my inner guidance that the Kalevala contains light codes that can activate your DNA.

I told the audience about the guidance I received and suggested that we can activate the our DNA with the light codes hidden in the Kalevala. Everybody got excited about the idea and so we activated our DNA, by using the Kalevala light codes.

A few days later I noticed that a new light body has been activated in me. After examining it for a while I noticed that by using the new body I could communicate with the Earth spirits. I also knew where the power places are in nature and I knew how I can clean them. I understood that all this knowledge has been opened in me through the light codes of the Kalevala.

Because I could connect with nature through this new light body, I decided to call the new body the Kalevala nature body.

A few more days has passed. I went to the nature park near my home, sat in my favourite meditation spot and called Mother Earth and her spirits to come and teach me how to use my new nature body and how to heal it. The Earth and Water spirits came to meet me and taught me what I needed to know.

These are their teachings.

First a warning:
The next activation will change you, so if you do not want to change, please don’t do this activation. This activation will also bring your Kalevala magician powers back to you and you will remember how to do magic once again. As you probably already know, each one of us has a free will. When you force someone to do something he doesn’t want to do – you create karma and bad luck for yourself. That is why it’s important to use your new magical powers in a responsible and considerate way for the benefit of all of humankind and not for selfish reasons.

The Kalevala DNA activation

Sit in a comfortable position, breath deeply into your stomach and relax.
Create a tube of light that starts at the original Creator (inside of you), goes through your heart and ends in the fifth dimensional heart of Mother Earth.
Send love to the Creator and Mother Earth and feel how a stream of love is sent back to you from them.
Unify the love energies of the original Creator, Mother Earth and yourself into one unified love.
From this unified love, a ball of love is created inside your chest area. The ball of love starts to grow inside of you until it fills you up completely. The ball of love then keeps on growing until you are completely surrounded by love from all sides.

This love will protect you during the activation process.

Now concentrate back on the unified love inside your heart centre. From this unified love, grow three stems of golden lilies. The stems of the golden lilies wrap around each other as they grow upwards towards your head.
Once the lilies reach your head, the first lily comes out of the top of your head and a golden lily flower opens up.
A second Lily comes out of your third eye and a second golden lily flower opens up.
The third lily comes out from the back of your head (the back of your third eye chakra) and a third golden lily flower opens up.

Now Golden lilies start growing everywhere in your body: your arms, legs, torso, everywhere.
Every time the lilies pass through your skin, golden lily flowers open up.
You are soon covered with flowers.

Now grow lilies to all of your other bodies as well: your emotional, mental and etheric bodies and finally to your Merkaba light body as well.

Now that the lilies are every where in you, you are in genetic programming mode. You can now program your DNA as you want to.

Ask your High Self to bring you the light codes of the Kalevala.
Move the light codes from your sacred heart centre to your physical heart and to your liver. (These are the two sides of your heart chakra).
Now quickly duplicate the Kalevala light codes in your liver and your physical heart until there are as many as light codes as there are DNA strands in your body.
Ignite the light code with the fire of love inside your physical heart and inside your liver.
Now spread the fire of the light codes from your physical heart to all your cells and from your liver to all your glands. Ask the light codes to activate your sleeping DNA strands.
When you feel that the fire of the light codes is everywhere, send it to all your other bodies as well: your emotional, mental and Merkaba light bodies.

Once the fire is everywhere, know that you have now activated your Kalevala nature body.

You can now decide that the DNA programming process is over and thank Mother Earth and the original Creator for their help.

Healing your Kalevala nature body

I have already helped thousands of people to activate their nature bodies and it seems as though the nature bodies come in four colours: light green, light blue, purple/red and light yellow. My nature body is light blue which is not really surprising since I’m a cancer in my horoscope, which is a water element sign. So it looks like the colour of your nature body reflects the element which is the strongest in you: Earth, Water, Fire or Wind.

You can heal your nature body like this:

Focus on your heart centre and ask your true vibration to start inside your heart. This is the vibration of your truth, which is unique to you. Let your true vibration spread from your heart centre to your whole energy system: all the chakras, in your torso and in your arms and legs as well. Once the vibration is everywhere in your body, ask it to transform all the vibrations, which are not true – to your truth. Once you physical body is vibrating with your truth, pass your true vibration to your mental and emotional bodies as well. Transform these bodies as well, with your true vibration.
Finally spread your true vibration to your nature body as well.

Try to sense what colour is your nature body. Try to sense its shape and form around you.
Now stretch your nature body downwards, all the way to the heart of Mother Earth in the fifth dimension and permanently attach yourself to Mother Earth through your nature body.

Now send your true vibration to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth now knows, who you really are and she can heal you with your own true vibration.
Ask Mother Earth to heal you by using your true vibration.

Now write your whole original name in the air in front of you, in the letters of your mother’s tongue.
Ask your High Self to transform the letters, into letters of light/fire.
Send love to the letters of your name and see how they start to burn with love.
Now insert the burning letters of your name into your body through your crown chakra and let the fire of your name spread to all your bodies. Ask the fire to remove from you everything which does not belong to this life, to this incarnation.
Once the fire of your name has removed everything that doesn’t belong to you in this life, send the fire of your name to the heart of Mother Earth through your nature body.
Mother Earth now knows you by your name.
You are now good friends.

Now ask Mother Earth to send the fire letter of her name to your heart centre.
You now know the true name of mother Earth.
You are now good friends.
(You can do the same with the original Creator as well if you want to know its real name..)

How to use the Kalevala nature body

This part is best done in your favourite place outside in nature.

Concentrate on your nature body and find a tree in your surroundings that you like. Sense the energy field of the tree with your nature body. Send love to the tree and ask the tree to give you an advice.
Remember this advice.

Concentrate on your nature body and find an animal near you. Send love to the animal and ask the animal to give you an advice.
Remember this advice as well.

Call the elementals (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire) and ask them to come to you one by one. Feel their energies by using your nature body and ask them to tell you their secret. Ask them to help you and give you an advice.
Remember the advices.

Now extend your nature body so that it is a few kilometres around you in each direction and sense the area around you. Where are the power places in your area? What are their condition? Do they need a cleaning? Can you perhaps clean the power places with the help of the elementals?

When the power places in the area where you live are clean, nature will flourish, the weather will improve and everyone living in the area will feel better.

The Kalevala nature body diet

Go into a place in nature which is close to a food store. Sit in nature, relax, connect to Mother Earth and activate your nature body so that you feel it strongly around you.
Now go inside the food store and try to sense the energies in the place.
Sense the food in the place. Which food is full of energy? Which food is already “dead”? What does your nature body tells you to eat?

If you need any help with this activation or with communicating with nature and Mother Earth, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly help you if I can.

Love and Light, Arje Sakari Silander, Mother Earth’s good friend… 🙂

Cleaning the Land and Seas with singing and nets of light

One weekend when we were making orgonite devices for cleaning the seas, and we were taking a break, one of the women in meeting said: “there must be an easier way of cleaning the seas, than dumping more stuff (orgonite devices) in them.”
I immediately remembered the story my little sister has told me:

My sister has told me that in her vision a light being came to her and told her: “it is time you started cleaning this planet”. The light being took her to the shore of the sea near where she lives. My sister and the light being then cleaned the sea with a light net they received from Mother Earth. They dipped the net in the water and then slowly lifted it out and dumped the “garbage”, out of the water, on the beach. After doing it many times, the water became clean and my sister saw a whale and light dolphins jumping into the water and swimming!
My sister lighted a match and set the “garbage” on the beach ablaze. The “garbage” burned away and disappeared.

I told the woman at the meeting my sisters story and the woman said she will try it.

Yesterday, I told my sister what has happened in the meeting and she said I have left out an important part of the story. She said that in the vision, she cleaned the oceans using a light net, BUT she activated it with her voice. I asked her to teach me how she’s done it, but she said she doesn’t know. She knew how to do it in the vision, but she didn’t know how to do it in “real” life.

The next day, I decided I have to try the cleaning method myself. I went to the forest near my home, and set on a bench over looking the sea. I called my Spirit Guide and asked her to teach me the technique. (I have two guides working with me: a female Earth Spirit and a male Angel). My spirit guide then called one of her sisters, a Water Spirit and she taught me how to clean the sea. I connected my root chakra to the center of the earth with a tube of light and then I let the Water Spirit take over my energy field so that my energy field became totally yin – female energy. I then asked Mother Earth to help me clean the sea.

I felt a golden energy rising up from the center of the earth, through my chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat) and coming out of my mouth.
When the golden light came out of my mouth, it became a huge net of light that spread all over the sea in front of me.

I asked the Water Spirit: “and what do I do now?”
The Water Spirit said: “breathe in”.
I breathed in and the light net descended into the water.

I filled myself with love for the whole universe, and sang: “OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh”.
When I started singing the light net started vibrating with the love in my heart and started rising up.
When it was outside the water, I dumped the black material out of it on the beach.
Then I breathed in again, and the net went back deep in the water.
I sang with love again and the net came up again, and when it was out of the water I dumped its contents on the same spot as earlier.
I kept on breathing in, singing and emptying the net until I felt the water were clean and I saw light dolphins laughing and swimming in the water. I then lighted a golden match and burned the pile of black material.

I then left the bench and walked home. After a few meters of walking, 5 earth spirits came and thanked me.

Cleaning a river and a landfill with singing and the earth grid

The next day I decided to clean the river next to my home. As I was walking to the river, an Earth Spirit approached me and asked me to clean the spoiled land, near my house. The city of Helsinki has cleaned up a shooting range that used to exist next to my home. They sucked out the spoiled land, that was filled with led and copper, with huge vacuum cleaner trucks, and then dumped it into a hole in the ground next to my home. Then they covered the hole with white gravel. As though the white color will make us forget that the land was spoiled.

I promised the Earth Spirit I will clean the spoiled land as well.

I continued on to the river and sat on the grass near the river, warming myself in the sun. I connected my root chakra to the centre of the earth with a tube of light and I asked Mother Earth to help me clean the river. Again I felt golden energy rising through the light tube. The energy went upwards through my chakras and came out of my mouth. It then formed a light net over the whole length of the river; over kilometers and kilometers of water.

I breathed in and the light net sank into the bottom of the river.
I felt on love in my heart and began singing: “OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh”. The whole net started vibrating with love and rising up. I noticed that it’s important to concentrate on the love vibration, even after you have stopped singing, because that vibration is the thing that cleans. Once the net was completely out of the water I emptied its contents on the shore, not to close to me.
I then breathed again and the net sank in the water again. I singed with love again, and the net has risen again. Again I emptied it next to me.
After doing it for about 20 times, I felt the water were clean, so I stopped and imagined that in the end of the golden energy, coming out of my mouth, there is a match. I lighted the match, and used it to burn the pile of “garbage” I took out of the river.

I then went to the spoiled land area near my home. It’s about 1000 square meters in size. Again I asked Mother Earth to help me clean the Area and again I felt golden energy rising through me and out of my mouth. When I breathed in, the net sank, maybe 50 meters deep, into the Earth. When I started singing with love, the net started vibrating and rising. When it was out of the ground, I dumped its contents on one spot.

I kept on cleaning the Earth like that, until my singing muscle got so tired I couldn’t go on, so I stopped. I lighted a “match” and burned the pile of “garbage” I have collected. This time the burning took a long time. First the “garbage” on the surface of the ground burned away. I then “saw” that underneath the garbage, there was a deep shaft full of black stuff. It felt as though the black shaft is a painful wound in Mother Earth.
The flame went downwards, into the shaft, consuming away the black material. After About ten minutes all the black material was consumed by the flame and I saw golden energy on the bottom of the shaft.
Then I knew all the black stuff has been completely removed from that spot, and Mother Earth will be able to heal that wound on her own.

The next day I went to the same place and finished the job of cleaning the spoiled land.

That day I was also informed that the golden energy is part of the light net of Mother Earth and she let’s us use it if our intentions are honorable.

The Meditation

If you want to clean the lands or seas next to your home, this is how you do it:
Create a holy/safe place where you can do healing work.
Decide what area/sea you want to clean, or ask Mother Earth, which area/sea needs to be cleaned.
Connect yourself with a tube of light to the Sun and to the Center of the Earth. The light tube should start from the sun, go through you, and then go from your root chakra to the core of the Earth.
Ask mother Earth to help you clean the land/sea, you have chosen to clean. You will feel golden energy rising from the center of the Earth, through your chakras and coming out of your mouth. When the energy comes out of your mouth it will become a huge net of light that will spread all over the are/sea you are cleaning.
Once the net is spread all over the area/sea, breathe in. The net will sink into the ground/water.
Fill your heart with love to every living creature and sing “AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhh”, with love. If you have a good connection to Mother Earth, she will tell you what to sing. While you’re singing the net will start to vibrate with love and to rise up. The vibration is what cleans the material, so concentrate on the vibration even after you have stopped singing.
Once you feel the net is completely above the ground/water, turn it in your mind and dump it’s contents somewhere outside the area/sea. Not to close to you.
Breathe in again. The net will sink into the ground/water again.
Sing with love again. The net will vibrate with love again and will rise up.
Empty the net again on the same spot.

Keep on repeating this process until you feel the ground/water is vibrating with love. The ground/water will “smile” to you. Then you will know the area/sea is clean.
Imagine the energy coming out of your mouth becomes a snake of light with a match/torch in its end. Burn the black material you have collected, with the match torch. Stay with the fire and wait until it has consumed all the black material away. Sometimes the fire will move underground and will clean a black shaft/vain inside Mother Earth. Stay with the fire until the fire consumes itself.
Thank Mother Earth and yourself. You have done a very important thing!

Once you have cleaned the area around you home you will notice that the weather patterns around your home are gentler, there are less clouds and the weather is nicer.

I hope this story will inspire some of you to clean the seas and land near your homes. You don’t need to be a good singer to clean the earth – you only need a little bit of love in your heart… 🙂

Love and light to you all,
Arje Sakari Silander

How to build a Lemurian Light Beam crystal device

In the spring of 2010 I visited a place called Kursi, which is located on the shores the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Kursi is famous for the swine miracle that Jesus did. According to an Israeli researcher, there is a Lemurian city in there in another dimension. In that city there is a light beam generator made from five crystals.

The five crystals are arranged so that there is a large crystal in the middle pointing upwards and four other crystals arranged around it. The four crystals have been programmed to collect energy from there surroundings and to feed that energy to the big crystal in the middle. The big middle crystal then collects that energy and creates a light beam that harmonizes the area.

A few months ago I decided to try and copy the design of the kursi crystal device and build a smaller version for home use.
The first device worked so well I began building devices for my friends from polyester. Unfortunately polyester turned out to be too poisonous to work with. So I simplified the design, and began using glass and sand instead.

So here is my guide for building a Lemurian light beam crystal device

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