Unifying the inner archetypes of Leumria and Atlantis

As you probably know, once there were two mighty cultures on this planet called Lemuria and Atlantis. Generally speaking, Lemuria was more feminine and Atlantis was more masculine. Both cultures were very advanced, and both thought they were more “right”, then the other one.
Right and wrong is, off course, a matter of point of view. If you are a Lemurian then your way seems to be the right way. If you are an Atlantian then your point of view is the right one of course… 🙂

Because both cultures deemed themselves to be right, they inevitably went into war, on who was more “right” then the other.
As we all know, both cultures were wrong and they both lost:
Atlantis won the war and destroyed Lemuria (I was there and seen the destruction). But once Lemuria sank, the balance of the Earth was lost and as a result Atlantis sank too (I watched that too from the deck of a ship).

So in a way both of the cultures lost the war, because they went into war in the first…

Although Atlantis sank, their methods and ways of thinking are the ones who control the Earth today. If you live in the western society you only need to look around you: this is Atlantis. The masculine Atlantian energy is the one controlling the planet at the moment.

When one energy controls the other – an imbalance occurs. Since all life naturally tends to return to equality, this is the process we are witnessing in the last few centuries:
The feminine energies are becoming stronger so as to balance the controlling masculine energies.
In a way, the Lemurian feminine way of thinking is raising too, so as to balance the Atlantian way of thinking.

Balancing yourself through the heart

As you all probably know, life is always fluctuating between two polarities, until a balance is achieved.

A graph showing how the cultures Atlantis and Lemuria are slowing balancing themselves out.

We also fluctuate between light and darkness, while trying to maintain a balance between the two.
This is what is happening on the Earth today: We are entering a period where the female energies will be more dominant for a while (see the red dot on the graph). In the far future, the energies of the Earth will again fluctuate to the masculine side; Then to the feminine side; then to the masculine, etc. Until a balance will be reached between the two energies.

Because of this shift in polarities between feminine and masculine energies, all the old buried wounds, of the war between Lemuria and Atlantis, are raising again.
This shift in polarities is also placing each one of us in an unbalanced state as well. In a way: the inner Lemurian is raising and the inner Atlantian is resisting this inner change.

How can we face this inner change and still remain balanced?

The answer lays in our hearts of course… 😉

Connecting yourself to your heart and releasing all your inner blocks and judgments

The heart is where our true existence is. Everything we do goes through our hearts. Our heart will balance us out automatically, if we let it.

So if you want to balance yourself, then all you need to do is connect all your parts to your inner heart and then let your inner heart balance everything out automatically.

This sounds really simple, but it isn’t. Some parts of our personality do not want to be connected to the heart. They like to be alone and suffer; it’s what they know best… 😉

Forgiving yourself

So where do you start? How do you integrate yourself into one?

You can start by forgiving yourself for everything you have done against yourself.
Send love to yourself and then allow yourself to be connected to your inner heart, and then allow your inner heart to become connected to you. Freely.

Once you are connected to your heart, allow all your other parts (all your bodies, chakras, personalities, etc.) to connect to your inner heart as well. Ask forgiveness from them all and then forgive them all as well. Send love to all of your parts and receive love from all of them all. Freely.
Then give all your parts a permission to connect to your inner heart, and give your inner heart a permission to connect to all your parts. Freely.

You have now connected all your parts to your heart. Our goal is to remove all the restrictions from your inner communications. All your parts should be able to connect to your inner heart freely, and all of them should be able to communicate between each other freely as well. Once you establish this free inner communication, then ask your inner heart to automatically balance all your parts together.

Connecting to your soul and to your spirit

As you probably know, you also have a soul and a spirit. According to the Kabbalah, our souls are made from five such parts: Soul (Neshama – נשמה), Spirit (Ruach – רוח), Nefesh (נפש), Chaya (חיה) and Yechida (יחידה).

(Please read the article here if you want to know more about these parts of your soul – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah#Human_soul)

So please get to know each one of these parts of you. You can, for example, say the name of one of these parts aloud to yourself and then see what it feels like to you. See where it connects you.

Once you know one of these parts of your soul, you can ask forgiveness of it and give it forgiveness. Send love to it and receive love from it. Then give it a permission to connect to your inner heart and give your inner heart a permission to connect to it.

You can say for example: I ask my soul (Neshama – נשמה) to forgive me, and I forgive my soul. I love my soul and my soul loves me. I give my soul a permission to connect to my inner heart. I give my inner heart a permission to connect to my soul. freely.

Now use the same sentences with all the parts of your soul: Soul, Spirit, Nefesh, Chaya and Yechida.

Once you have connected all the parts of your soul to your inner heart, you can also allow them to communicate freely within themselves. Ask them to work together as one and help one another to help you.

You can also let them freely connect to your energy system. I highly recommend letting them all connect to your “willpower chakra”, which is located behind your belly button. Once connected, your Spirit will be able to supply you with all the willpower you need to create the life you want to have for yourself… 😉

The last step, in unifying yourself,  is to allow your inner heart to connect to your outer heart. (connect to itself in a way).
Allow your heart to open and then ask your heart for forgiveness for everything your have done against it. Then forgive your heart for everything.
Now send love to your heart and allow yourself to receive love from it. Freely.
Lastly, allow your heart to connect to your inner heart and allow your inner heart to connect to your heart. Freely… 🙂

Your heart is now whole! Congratulations!

If you have done all these things, then your soul is now connected to your inner heart; your inner communication is now working freely and your heart is automatically balancing all your parts together. And your heart is whole!

You are doing fine! Celebrate!

This is what your chakra system might look like to you now:
heart chakra sun with chakra planets around it

The Sun in the middle is your heart chakra and “planets” around it are the rest of the chakras.

Now that our hearts are whole again, we can move on ahead and unify the inner archetypes of Lemuria and Atlantis.

But first we need to get to know these inner archetypes of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Getting to know the inner Archetypes of Lemuria and Atlantis

I suggest that you ask you inner Lemurian to become known to you and then let it connect to your heart. Once you are connected to your inner Lemurian get to know better and see what motivates it.

Ask your soul to help you understand all the issues that have made it do the things it has done in the Lemurian lives you have lived, before, during and after the global civil war between Atlantis and Lemuria.

Once you understand the issues behind your inner Lemurian, Get to know your inner Atlantian in the same way as well.

Once you understand both of them, ask forgiveness from both of them and let them both connect to your inner heart. Freely.
Ask them both to connect with one another freely and to help and support one another and to work together as one, towards the goals your soul wants to achieve.

Then love them both and ask them to love and respect each other as well.

Once you have achieved this inner unification between your inner Lemurian and inner Atlantian, you can also work for the outer unification of the Atlantian and Lemurian cultural inheritances. If you look at them from your inner heart, they will not seem different after all… 😉

With love and respect to one another both of these cultures can become one. And once they have been unified, the Earth will develop into a highly spiritual place, where everything is connected to one another with love.


Arje Sakari Silander

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