The Angel letters (Channeled from Rafael & Raziel)

The Angel letters were created to connect God and his Angels. Since God is in us, the Angel letters can also be used to connect the Angels to us. The Angel letters look like they’ve been created from the shape of the tree of life. But both the angel letters and the tree of life has been created from the Seed of Life.

The seed of life: The tree of life:

The letters consists of Lines and Circles. The Lines show us the paths, where the energy flows and becomes lighter, on its way from the creator to its Angels. The Circles are stations or converters in which the energy changes form and frequency. The first and last letters complete each other and form a place, a home, where the angels can stay when they are not busy.

The Letters are:

ALEF, is the first letter of the Angelic Alphabet and it contains all the inside paths of the seed of life, the paths between the inside circles and the outer circles of the seed of life.
The Letter also contains an extra path, which connects God to the Angels and connects the Angels to the Godliness inside the Humans.
BET, the second Letter, is meant for connecting the Angel with itself and the rest of the Divine Creation and to provide a barrier underneath the seed of life, a barrier that will prevent the energies of the Angel from spreading everywhere. Bet can be used for connecting the Human to its Divine source. Bet can also be used for connecting the Angel to the Divine source and to provide the Angel with a protective energy Shield.
GIMEL can be used for connecting two Angels to one another so that they could work together. Gimel can also be used for connecting two angels to the Human so that they can all work together.

DALET is meant for connecting different energies inside the Angel. It doesn’t have any use in the physical world unless it’s a part of the Angels name.

HEI is used for helping the Angel communicate with Angels who exist in a different stage of development or in different dimensions. Hei is a frequency converter of energy. Hei can be used for creating a better connection with the higher Angelic Hierarchy, the Seraphim mostly, So that their powerful energy will not “burn” the gentler energy systems of the Human.

VAV is meant for creating an energetic shield above the Angel that will help the Angel in its duties. The Letter can be used for creating a protective dome above the Human. A dome that will protect the Human from harm and that will connect the Human to its Guardian Angel and will help the Guardian Angel in its mission.
ZAIN, like the Vav, is meant for creating a barrier, below the Angel, that will help the Angel penetrate through certain energies. For example, during channeling the Angel uses the letter Zain to penetrate the different energetic layers of the Human host. Zain can be used for creating better connection between the Human and the Angel.

CHET is meant for providing a structure on top which more can be created. The Letter Chet is closed and stable and can be used as a base, on top which more letters and sentences can be “piled”. The Chet is used as an energetic base from which the Angel can “go” to its different missions. Chet doesn’t have a use in the communication between the Angel and the Human, unless it is in the name of the Angel. For example Angel Yerachmiel (), the Angel that brings Gods Mercy to all of Humanity, all of Creation.

TET is made of two other letters: Aleph () and Shin (). The Aleph collects energies from all the available circles and the shin passes them on to wherever the Angel wants them to go. Just like the Hebrew Letters Aleph (א) and Hei (ה). Tet can be used for connecting to your Angel and for receiving energies from your Angel, Energies that the Angel will gladly transfer to you.

JOD symbolizes the first step inside the seed of life. This Divine step started the whole of Creation, the Whole of Existence! This Amazing step, from which each one of us, Humans and Angels alike, started from. There are no words that can praise that first step enough, so supreme it is. When you want to rejuvenate and renew yourself, use the Letter Yod, it is wonderful for everything!

KAF is like a vessel that contains and connects two different energies. With the help of Kaf, the Angel collects energies from around it self and then uses those energies according to its wishes. The Kaf can be used for collecting the Angelic energies, which your Angel will transfer to you, lovingly.

LAMED will help you and the angels to stabilize your and their energy structures. Lamed is like a cypress tree: it is green year long and collects the Sun’s rays in summers and winters. Lamed will pass the energies, to the angel, or from it, and that is why it appears in almost every Angels name. It is good to use Lamed when you want to increase the energy you are receiving from your Angel. When you feel that you want to receive more gifts from the Angel that works with you, draw Lamed on your heart and the energy flow will increase.

MEM is the only Angel letter that changes its shape in the end of the word, and becomes a vessel for collecting energies. (). The Mem can be used for increasing your connection to your Angel and for receiving the abundant divine source energies from it.

NUN is used for connecting to different kinds of energies, so as to create a new, a third kind of energy from them. Nun is like a chemical factory, with whom the knowledgeable Angel can mix and create new energies. Yes, the Angels too can create something from nothing when they want to. Nun can also be used for connecting to your loving Angel.

SAMECH unites into itself, many different energies, with whom the knowledgeable Angel can create and make new “things”. It doesn’t have any useful use in this dimension, except when it is found in the name of the Angel, for example: Sodia (Sodiel ), the Angel of secrets.

AIN is like a repeater, which passes the energies it receives from one side, to the other, without changing or distorting them. That is how the knowledgeable Angel can move energies from one place to another according to its will. Ain is good for moving energies from the Angel to the Human, without the energies changing during the transfer. When channeling, the Angel uses the Ain for transferring ideas, images etc. to the Human. It doesn’t have a practical use, unless you are an Angel. It can be used when it is in the Angels name. For example: Ainel (), the Angel that records events for God.

PEI is like the Aleph (), but without the connection to the Divine energies. Pei collects energies and transfers them to the center circle of the seed of life. The Pei can also turn on its axis and thus create inertia using the energies it has collected. It can be used for passing energies from the Angel to the Human.

TSADI is the nineteenth letter and it is used for creating holiness or a holy place, inside which the Angel can commune with God. It doesn’t have a practical use unless it is in the name of the Angel. For example Tsadkiel, Arch Angel of Justice, who will help you find your mental balance.

KUF collects the divine energies, with whom the knowledgeable Angel can make miracles and other such deeds. It can be used for collecting the energies of your loving Angel.

REISH is used for balancing two different kinds of energies. For example when the Angel wants to balance the energies of the Human he is helping. That is why it is good for balancing the energies in the Human body as well. It is the only Angel letter that can be used for healing in the physical world.

SHIN is also used for balancing. Not for balancing the Angel, but for balancing the energies around the Angel. For example, when the Angel needs a space with particular kinds of energies, special energies, the Angel will use the letter Shin to create that space. Shin doesn’t have a practical use for Humans, unless the Letter is found in the Angels name.

TAV is the last letter in the Angel Alphabet. It is a letter of ending and connecting of all the energies back to God. The Journey started with the letter Jod (and Aleph) and ends with the letter Taf. It doesn’t have a practical use in this dimension, unless you want to connect to the end, to God, which can not be done in this physical world. It can be used when it is in the name of the Angel for example; Tamiel, the Angel of Divine innocence.

3 thoughts on “The Angel letters (Channeled from Rafael & Raziel)

  1. This is very fascinating and I want to read more on your website. I was wondering if these were channeled to you or if they have been known elsewhere. I have come across other angelic letters and don’t know if they are valid also. Is there only one set of angelic letters? How do I find out who my guardian angel is?

    Thank you for the information and your wisdom and guidance.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I have channeled these myself a few years ago. The letters themselves can be found in the end of book three of the Greater keys of Solomon, that can be downloaded for free here.
      After reading the book I meditated with each letter and channeled info on it.
      I suggest that you also meditate with each letter and see where it leads you… 🙂
      About finding your Guardian angel: there are a few of them for each one of us. The best way to contact them is to ask them to. They will.
      Blessings, Arje

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