Emotional energy and how to release it

Emotions can be viewed as a form of energy that moves from person to person:
Someone gets angry at you – you then get angry at another person – the other person gets angry at a forth person – the emotional energy moves on and on from one person to the next…

Theoretically, the cycle can continue forever, but it usually won’t because there are a lot of people who doesn’t know how to express their emotions, and the cycle will end with them. These persons have probably been taught by their parents that it is inappropriate to show emotions and so they get stuck with all the worlds’ emotions inside of them.

Once the Emotional energy has been inside of you for a while, your subconscious will try to guide you into people or situations, where you will be able to release that energy.

For example: if there is sadness in you, you will be drawn to people, who will make you sad, and you will be able to release the energy stuck inside of you.

If there is anger in you, you will be drawn into people, who will make you angry.

If your emotional body is completely stuck, you will be drawn to people, who have absolutely no control over their emotions.

That was what has happened to me: As a child I completely blocked my emotions so as to survive the emotional fits of my father. I just didn’t want to feel anything so as not to get hurt again.

When I grew up, I ended up living with a woman, who had absolutely no emotional control.

In a sense we were perfect for each other: the only person who can live with an over emotional person (my ex) is a person who suppresses all his emotions (me).

We lived together until I learned how to express my feelings and she learned how to control hers. Once we learned all that we could from each other, our relationship ended.

After that I began taking singing lessons and I learned how to express my emotions out with singing. My singing teacher has also taught me how to remove the emotional block I had inside of me. Luckily for me, she came from a long line of healers and her third eye was open, so she could tell me where the blockage was and how to remove it.

After I released most of the emotions, I had stuck inside of me, and removed the emotional blockage, I had discovered that releasing emotions is a forever going process: If I didn’t release my emotions for a week, after a few days without release I started to get depressed. That is why I believe that depression is the result of not releasing your emotions for a long time. After you don’t release your emotions for a while you become unhappy. After few more weeks you get depressed. Once you release all the stuck emotions – the depression disappears.

I learned the hard way that if I want to stay emotionally healthy I have to release the emotions out just as soon as possible. If I don’t release these emotions – I don’t feel well and after a while depression will sneak in.

The energy structure of the human body

The Human body has an Etheric double, which is made out of layers of energy. Every Chakra in the body has it’s own layer with the base chakra being the outer layer and the High Self the most inner layer (well, actually the inner most level is the inner God consciousness).

Here is a picture that shows the different layers of the etheric body:

The outer layer is the BASE CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with survival issues, such as fear of death and physical needs, such as food, sleep, etc.

The second layer is the SACRAL CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with emotional and sexual issues such as self worth, self love and self confidence. This is the layer where a lot of the suppressed emotional energy will be found.

The third layer is the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with self empowerment, self control and self will. In
this layer you will also find a lot of repressed emotional energy. This
layer acts as a gateway between the heart layer and the lower layers.
Most of the emotional blockages are found in this layer/chakra. Once you
activate the heart chakra this layer will start to empty itself, from
emotional energy, through the heart and throat chakras.

The forth layer is the HEART CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with how you relate to other people and to yourself. It is also the center of all the physical layers/chakras. This is probably the most important chakra to activate once you begin your journey of self discovery. An excellent meditation for opening up and strengthening the heart center is the Meditation on Twin Hearts – technique by Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui. I highly recommend doing this meditation every day, for a few years.

The fifth layer is the THROAT CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with communication, both inner and outer. Communication of every kind of information: emotional, spiritual and mental. When you cry – you actually release emotional energy from your lower chakras by activating your throat chakra and by making high pitch sounds with your voice. The back of the neck is the area where communication commences with the higher realms. Remember how it feels when the hair in the back of your neck activates? That feeling is actually the back of the throat chakra activating… 🙂 The throat chakra balances the Solar plexus Chakra.

The sixth layer is the THIRD EYE CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer deals with intuition and high mental and emotional knowledge. This layer connects you to your subconscious, and after you have made peace with your subconscious it will connect you to your super conscious as well. Part of this layer is the pineal gland that works as a two way mirror connecting you to the inner/micro-cosmos and outer/macro-cosmos. This chakra balances the Sacral chakra.

The seventh layer is the CROWN CHAKRA LAYER.
This layer will connect you with your soul and through that to God.
Through this layer you can receive all the love-energy that you want, making you live in endless abundance. This chakra balances the root chakra.

If you keep on going inwards after the seventh layer you will find yourself in THE INNER/MICRO COSMOS.
The whole of creation is inside of us. That is why it is important to love yourself truly because everything is inside of you, and when you love yourself you love everything/everyone else. Every time some wise man talks about going through some spiritual learning process – that learning process is an inner process. There is nothing to find outside of you. The whole of creation is inside of you. Make peace with the humanity that is inside of you, Make peace with Mother Earth that is inside of you. Make peace with the Creator that is inside of you. Once your inner image of Humanity, Mother Earth and the Creator is peaceful and loving, the inner image will project out of you and your outer reality will become the same as your inner reality. That is why I urge all of you to start loving yourself and to create an inner image where Humanity, Mother Earth and the Creator are perfect, beautiful and harmonious.

The Ninth layer is YOUR INNER STAR, YOUR SOUL.
Once inside your micro cosmos you will see a star. That star is you. You can not go towards the star – you have to wait and ask the star to come to you. Once the star has come to you, go inside it. Inside it you will find yourself. Imagine yourself and your angel self inside your star, and then imagine how your inner self and inner angel hug and become one. After that you will be guided by your High Self and live your life according to your highest potential!

Examining yourself

The problem with releasing emotions is that once you have suppressed an emotion inside of you, and then forgot all about it; it is very hard to release that emotional energy without first remembering what the emotion was.

Old suppressed emotional energy will cause you pain. So if you have a place in your body that always seems to hurt, always makes you ill – you probably have suppressed emotional energy in that area.

How to examine yourself:

  • Find yourself a nice meditative position, breath slowly and relax.
  • Concentrate on your third eye and grow, in your imagination, an energy worm out of your third eye. Imagine that the energy worm has a circle at the end of it. The circle symbolizes emotional energy. So you have actually made an antenna that will receive emotional energy signals.
    Emotional Antenna coming out of the third eye chakra
  • Now move this emotional antenna to the place in your body that has bothered you. Imagine the circular head of the antenna going inside the outer layer.
  • Now concentrate and try to sense what you can feel in that spot: Do you feel pain? If not then the emotional energy is not stuck in that layer.
  • Go deeper to the next layer. Concentrate again and sense what you can feel: do you feel pain?
  • Keep on going like that until you reach a layer that does gives you pain. That is the layer where the emotional energy is stuck in.
  • Once you are in the right layer – put the circle of the antenna straight into the pain. It will be hard, because you have avoiding this pain for many years, and your ego will probably try to stop you from going into the pain. Stay strong and go into the pain. Try to feel what emotion is it that is stuck inside of you. Let your intuition guide you – this is not really a mental process, but an emotional one.
  • Ask your soul/Angels/God to help you identify the emotion. See what images come to your mind. If it’s in the right side of your body it is probably connected to your father. If it is in the left side of your body it is probably connected to your mother.
  • Try going through all the emotions that you know and see if any one of them connects to the stuck emotion. Here is a list of Emotions for you to try.

Once you have identified the emotion you can release it.

How to release your emotions

The first way is by deep breathing:

  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.
  • Breathe slowly in and out and relax.
  • Start breathing all the way down to your stomach. In every in breath fill your stomach with air and in every out breath empty it.
  • Now start breathing past your stomach, all the way to your root chakra. If, like many other people, you have an emotional blockage, breathing past the stomach will hurt. This is a good sign, it means the emotions you have repressed all those years, are finally being released out of you.
  • Once you managed to breathe comfortably past your stomach area, start breathing all the way down to your knees. If your legs start hurting, breathe into the pain. Emotions concerning our parents are stored in the legs: the right leg contains emotions towards your Father, and the left leg emotions towards your Mother.
  • After that, start breathing all the way down to your feet.
  • While breathing remember that you are not your emotions – you are a being full of light and love and the emotions being released are not you and will never be you. They are just energy.
  • The emotions will be released faster if you make sounds, such as: ”Aiiiiiiiiiiiii”, ”Aaaaaaaaa” or ”Ooooooooo” while breathing out.
  • Now keep on breathing until your stomach area fills completely empty and a smile stretches across your face… 🙂

The second way is by singing:

  • Stand in a comfortable position.
  • Breathe slowly in and out and relax
  • Start breathing all the way down to your stomach. In every in breath fill your stomach with air and in every out breath empty it.
  • Now start breathing past your stomach, all the way to your root chakra.
  • Once you managed to breathe comfortably past your stomach area, start breathing all the way down to your knees. After that, start breathing all the way down to your feet.
  • You are now ready to start singing.
  • Pick your favorite song and sing it from your stomach area. Singing from the throat will not help release your emotions, because the emotions are not stored in your throat area. If you are sad, pick a sad song. If you are angry, pick an angry song (Heavy metal, punk).
  • Start singing with all your heart. Really go into it and give it everything you got.
  • Once you feel good again, go and give somebody a hug… 🙂

The third way is by shouting:

  • Go somewhere secluded or soundproofed so that you can shout without disturbing anyone. I recommend going to your favorite place in nature.
  • Stand in a relaxed pose.
  • Concentrate on your stomach and the emotion you want to release (hate, anger).
  • Breath into the emotion in your stomach and shout: ”AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!”
  • Breath into your stomach again and shout again with all your might: ”AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”
  • Keep on going until you feel empty inside.
  • Look around you. You will notice that the birds have kept on singing while you were shouting… 🙂
  • Pick a happy tune, and whistle to yourself on your way home.

In cases of emotional trauma I recommend using the EFT method of releasing emotional energy.

How to stay emotionally balanced

As I mentioned in the beginning: Emotions are energy – so there is no point in getting too stressed over them… 🙂
After you have managed to release all the emotional energy that has bothered you, you can stay balanced by staying focused in your heart chakra. Don’t run away from your emotions any more: let them come and go as they wish, and stay inside your heart chakra. If you let your emotional energy to flow as it wants too, it will not bother you anymore: the higher chakras will automatically balance your lower chakras.

You can also start the balancing process yourself: Everytime you feel one of your lower chakras is giving you trouble, concentrate on and activate its corresponding/balancing higher chakra and all the chakras in between, so that the emotional energy could balance itself out.

If for example the second chakra area is giving you trouble, then you should activate the second chakras’ balancing higher chakra: the third eye chakra. also activate all the chakras between them: solar plexus, heart and throat chakras.

If the solar plexus chakra is giving you trouble then you should activate its’ balancing higher chakra: the throat chakra and the chakra between them: the heart chakra.

If the base chakra is giving you trouble then you should activate all the other chakras to balance it out.

Sometimes a depressing thought keeps on repeating itself, on and on, in your brain. You can make it stop by inventing a beautiful thought and then concentrating on it until the depressing thought is gone.

The Jewish Menorah shows how our chakra system works:

Every candle holder represents a chakra in the body, where the heart chakra is in the middle. Through the heart chakra all the chakras are balanced and if you go deep into your heart chakra you will find your base, your core. Once you have reached your core, all the things that happen above you, in the chakras, will not bother you any more.

I hope the methods I mentioned will help you achieve emotional balance. If you need any help in releasing your emotions, please don’t hesitate in contacting me – I will gladly help you.

Love and Light, Arje Sakari Silander

21 thoughts on “Emotional energy and how to release it

  1. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed your explanations. Just what I was looking for. God Bless, Sandy

  2. Namaste,
    Thank you so much for the very clear explanation….
    I am 45 and honestly till now I was not aware that I am holding on to my emotions and not releasing any…..it is now that I realized that I need to look for more as I feel the internal discomfort ….
    I don’t know how am going to do it …but I know ….I have to do it …
    I need to find the courage to be me again…..I need to find the strength…
    I have unbearable Migraines….I shall being with the energy stored there perhaps…..to begin with…
    Thank you immensely….
    I will keep returning to your site for help and pointers….
    So very grateful to you,
    Love and light,

  3. Quite Informative and helpful article. The techniques mentioned seem simple and effective to follow as well. Thank you very much for writing and sharing this.

  4. Many thanks for this! I will describe my situation. It all started with pain in heart chakra. I tend not to erase this pain and stay present within it, however, this is not enough. So the pain kind of “drifted down” to the solar plexus, leaving a feeling of heavyness (like walking or being in a very dense atmosphere). My stomach started to ache and – really – depression set in. So I followed your instructions and started singing, just the notes my voice by itself sang (in lower key!). Pain in the solar plexus became like a nail, but at the same time pain in the heart chakra appeared again. As it was late at night I couldn’t sing (not to wake up my family). I will continue tomorrow.
    And thank you for the menorah image.
    I’d wish to learn and study a bit more about healing singing – since I intuitively used it EVERY TIME when in deep emotional pain. Which, with me – is sadness.

  5. Hi guys,
    I had a friend scream at me once and it felt so painful I had re-occuring thoughts about it for years afterwards. Initially I faced it with calmness and didn’t react but afterwards I realised it must have effected me because I felt the pain of it pulsing over and over again as a painful memory. Not sure what chakras this would effect but wondered how you could heal it off or if your soul is scarred & damaged forever. The other option is re-focusing the mind onto other thoughts should the feelings re-surface. Part of the feelings were anger at how someone could be so horrible but I can see why the person was in.a logical sense.

    1. I don’t think you soul is scarred for all eternity, you just need to acknowledge all the emotions you felt that day and express them out of your system, in your own way.
      Once you have done that, you should set boundaries to that person and tell him you will not accept this kind of emotional outburst in the future. After all you are not his emotional garbage can!
      Good luck!

  6. Good Morning

    I fell into this article by mistake, but it is very very useful.
    I believe my solar plexus is stuck with emotions, but i feel im struggling to release or clear the other chakras, not sure if i am doing it correctly.

    I have air trapped in my stomach which is not releasing, i would appreciate your help please.

    1. Many people cannot express their emotions, because they have been taught by their parents that this emotion is not appropriate, or that it is forbidden. For example many men are taught that showing weakness or crying is forbidden for men. So the only way to release those kinds of emotions is to contact your fore fathers’ mothers’ souls and ask them for permission to express that emotion out, in your own way.
      Once you get the permission from your fore fathers and mothers, the emotional block can now be released. Now you can start working on your own ways of expressing emotions: talking, singing, painting, hitting a boxing sack, shouting out loud.
      Then practice your way of being emotional with others until you know how to release that emotion safely to yourself and others. After that you can start building an emotional repertoire of your own, until you know how to release any emotion that comes across your way.
      Good luck!

    2. Lay on your back and put pillows under your butt so it’s elevated higher than your head and fart it out. You can also tighten your fists together in a ball and place them in the solar plexus area and curl your body over them and tuck your head to the floor. The gas will eventually escape (hopefully) and you can laugh it off.

  7. I’m dealing with major root chakra pain debilitating pain. I have no idea what’s suppressed forgotten about in there that won’t release. Reading this give me more awareness to how type chakras are connected in some way. The pain started creeping in about a week n half ago my tension has been building my patience has been thin not sleeping well not eating well n now it’s not fully where it was three months ago it literally so painful it paralyzed me. The an awakening happend with mother earth. I don’t want it to come bck it’s too intense. It’s so. Painful. Y won’t I release or figure out what it is. I’m gonna try this n hope it helps. Thank you. Hugzzz to you all🦋🦋

    1. Root chakra blockages usually have to do with existential issues: Do I have permission to exist as I am? Can I love myself the way that I am? Sometimes we are looking for that love elsewhere (parents, partners, children), but what if those people don’t love themselves and thus can not (and probebly never will) give us love? Whose responsibility is it then to love us? The answer is, off course, that it’s our responsibility to love ourselves. We should try to forgive ourselves for everything that we have done, and try to love ourselves as we are now. Love ourselves when we are weak and in pain.
      Many families have rules about loving, that have gone down from generation to generation. Rules about who we should be and how we should behave, if we want to deserve love. So try writing all these family rules down:
      What should I be like to receive love from my mother?
      What should I be like to receive love from my father?
      Once you have the “family rules of love” written down, ask permission from both your parents to be loved as you are.
      Ask them for permission to exist as you are.
      If either of them don’t give you a permission, then maybe they don’t have those permissions themselves either (to exist, to be loved), so try going to your grandparents and their parents and ask them, until you receive permissions to exist and to be loved as you are. Sometimes those problems go back a few generations.
      Let me know how it went.. 😉
      Good luck! Arje

  8. Hi, i came here because i was meditating on my sacral plexus trying to address hip pain . I got really annoyed and angry also was trying to avoid the energy i kept feeling in the third eye area unaware of the connection between the two. I noticed a pattern of attracting either really angry people who make me shut down or people that really bring the worst of nasty emotions out of me. Can i truly effectively release this anger? Was this a good natural reaction i thought meditation was supposed to be calming ?

    1. I think the most important thing is not to divide your emotions into: Good emotions and bad/nasty emotions. All emotions are natural. You can add love to any of them and then they will become love: you can be lovingly angry, instead of just angry.
      Each one of us learns from his parents what emotions can and cannot be expressed, so if for example, Anger is forbidden in your family, you might want to ask your mother and father for permission to express anger in your own way.
      Once you have a permission, then it’s up to you to learn how to express anger without scaring the person you are angry at.

  9. Thank you for this article. It’s beautifully written and seemed to find me at the right time.

  10. Thank You so much for teaching emotional balance!!!
    I have for a very time suppressed emotions…not knowing what to do with them. Thank God for God for Live naturally (i notice) seems to correct imbalances.
    Awakening to my Divine nature…the term Chakras kept showing up. You’ve taught me. Etheric body…layers of energy. TY.
    Here is what my ego calls a silly question. Are feelings/emotions bodily sensations that we ascribe a label? Anger is easy to identify when i have an unexpected outburst, as is sadness also hurt. I understand intellectually i am not these energies & ideally to allow & they pass thru. I think maybe, a ‘feeling’ comes up & i automatically do something.
    However, to tune into inner guidance system & develop a sense as well as a dance with the energy of Love is my heartfelt desire.
    TY for helping all of us truth seekers! 😊
    Forgive my ignorance…i dont know hardly anything about feelings.

    1. Hei Laura, thanks for your comment!
      When I was learning to express my emotions I noticed that by finding a name for them it was easier for me to release them. Then Once I learned what a certain emotion feels like, the next time expressing that emotion was easier. And now I dare expressing even more difficult emotions, such as despair, loneliness and true happiness. It takes time until you get comfortable expressing certain emotions, but once you express them a couple of times – they’re not so scary any more. When I was a child, emotions were like monsters in a dark closet – they didn’t have a name. But once you get to know them, then they are not scary anymore. The important thing is to love yourself, while you are expressing yourself emotionally.

  11. Thank you so much it’s super helpful. I am having big issues with my mother and my L thigh chakra blocked. I literally have big lump back and front and it’s painful. Now I need to it out.

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