The Wounded Angel

Once upon a time, there lived a pair of Angels, a male and a female Angel. They lived happily together and created wonderful things with the rest of the divine oneness.
One day, the female Angel heard about a new creation plan that another gifted Angel has invented. The new plan was to create a world, where you could experience living without a conscious connection to the divine oneness. The female Angel fell in love with the new plan and decided to help and create the new world.

The female Angel and thousands of other Angels have worked very hard until the new world was created. The Angels then went inside the new world and created physical bodies for themselves from water and earth. They lived inside the new world until their physical bodies died and then they tried to leave the new world, but they couldn’t. They got stuck in it. So they decided to be born again in the new world and try the physical existence once again and then try to leave the new world, but again they failed to leave the place.

The Angels got stuck in cycles of reincarnation, and slowly they forgot their real origin.

Since they didn’t remember who they were any more or why they are stuck in physical bodies, they started developing theories about their situation. The most popular theory was that when they created the new world, they have committed a sin against the oneness. The Angels decided that they must be sinners, and that is why they can not get out of the new world.

That is how the Angels judged themselves to be sinners.

Since they have judged themselves as sinners, the stuck Angels decided that they have to punish themselves. So they created two new places inside the new world: a place where you can go to if you judge yourself to be “bad” and another place where you can go to if you judge yourself to be “good”.
Obviously these two places were both inside the new world, and not in the divine oneness.
In the divine oneness no one judges himself or others, because all is one.

Some of the Angels, who have created the new world, have decided to judge themselves even worst. They decided that they should suffer in every reincarnation, so as to make up for their “sin”.
In every reincarnation they invented a new way of suffering: sometimes they decided to be poor and die of hunger. Sometimes they created a horrible disease for themselves and died painfully from it. Sometimes they purposely angered other people, so that the other people will punish them.

Like that they punished them selves in every reincarnation.

Meanwhile, inside the divine oneness, they have understood the meaning of the new world, and they have noticed that the Angels, who have created the place, couldn’t get out of it.
The divine oneness then prepared a group of Angels who have volunteered to enter the new world so as to try and save the Angels who got stuck in it.
One of these Angels was the male Angel from the beginning of our tale. He decided that he wanted to go and try to save his Angel and bring her back to her original consciousness. The new group of Angels entered the new world and, even though they tried very hard, they got stuck inside the new world as well.

The rescue group of Angels also began reincarnating again and again and they also forgot who they really are. They only remembered that they must try and save their Angels and protect them.

Like that, the pair of Angels from the beginning of the story, have reincarnated again and again: The female Angel always punishing herself in every lifetime and the male Angel always trying to save her.

Many paintings have been painted about this pair of Angels. One of them was painted by a Finnish Artist named Hugo Simberg in 1903. He painted the same image twice: once as an oil painting, and the other as a huge wall painting on the inside wall of a church in Tampere, which is a city in the middle of Finland. The oil painting is now exhibited at the national art gallery in Helsinki, and it has been voted as the most popular painting in the whole museum in 2006.

In the painting you can see the female Angel, who keeps on wounding herself again and again, and behind her, her guardian Angel, who keeps on trying to save her again and again.

Lately the Finnish band Nightwish has made a music video, where they have dramatizes the painting of the wounded Angel.

But let’s get back to our story.
The pair of Angels would have probably kept on reincarnating forever, if it wasn’t for the masters of the divine oneness.
The Masters has sent a couple of Elohim Angels themselves to save the stuck Angels.

The Elohim Angels have connected the stuck Angels back to the oneness and woke them up.

Then one day, the guardian Angel and the wounded Angel have woken up.
The guardian Angel has decided to be born next to his Angel, in this life as well, so that he could save her. The Angels met, and told each other about all the reincarnations they have experienced together. They understood that they have lived all their reincarnations in parallel. They understood that no one judges them, except themselves.

They unified all their dimensions into one, and forgave themselves, simultaneously, in all the dimensions and all the times. They have then decided to help other Angels realize that there is no reason to punish yourself – no one judges you except yourself, and there is also no one to save – only yourself.

A Meditation for unifying all your dimensions and forgiving yourself in all of them simultaneously.

In order to unify all your dimensions into one, you need to call them to you. Since the code name for the unified light body is “Israel”, you need to call loudly:
“Hear O Israel! Hear O Israel! Hear O Israel!”

Wait a couple of seconds and consciously decide, so that all your dimensions, who are listening to you right now, know about your decision:
“I forgive myself now in all the dimensions and all the times.”

Then let the Original Creator remove all your karma:
“I now give the Original Creator permission to remove all the karma I have collected, simultaneously, in all the dimensions and all the times.”
“I now give the Original Creator permission to remove all the karmatic energy without any suffering.”

Love and Light,

Arje, the Guardian Angel, Silander

p.s. If you want to remember, who you were before you came here, print the picture of the wounded Angel, place it under your left hand and ask to remember where you came from.

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  1. So interesting about the karmic lesson and the Angels who protect us through the spiritual journeys

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