How to resurrect yourself

Now that humanity has moved from the third dimension to the fifth and has activated its crystal consciousness , it is now possible to resurrect yourself and move the focus of your consciousness to the “promised land”.
My personal resurrection process has begun once I understood that there is no need to save anyone any more. God has already saved everyone and Mother earth is doing fine too!

Well, actually there was only one person I had to save – me.

So I asked the inner Creator to save me and then permitted him to do so. I laid down on my sofa and felt the spirit of God entering me and becoming me from the inside and then from the outside as well. I than heard the inner Creator’s thought in my head: Arje, I have already saved you many life times ago. Or to be more accurate, you were always within me. Even when you are here in the flesh, you are still within me and I’m within you. All you have to do is remember – and you will see that I have never left you, not even for one second. Not even when you were alone and afraid. I have never left you and never will leave you, for we are one and always will be one. I never leave my children.
So I asked the Creator: and what now? What will I do now, that I’ve been saved? I have dedicated my life to saving others and now that there is no need to save anyone, what will I do?
Again I heard the thought of the Creator: If someone needs help, then you help him for a while, but there is no need to save him. That is my responsibility, not yours. Relax.

That was the first lesson of my resurrection process: I learned that there is no one to save and that everything is all under control, under God’s control.


A few weeks after that lesson I met a man, who was Jesus in a previous life. Let’s call him Jesus, as he was from the soul family of Jesus. The family that brought the concept of unconditional love to this planet. I had many conversations with Jesus, the person, and he helped me a lot on my spiritual journey.
During that period, I learned how to retrieve my soul particles from other people.
So as I was having a conversation with the man who used to be Jesus, I noticed that he has a soul particle of mine and that I have a soul particle of his. So we made a soul particle exchange ceremony: we asked for forgiveness and gave forgiveness. We revoked all our mutual soul agreements and released one another from any commitments, promises or curses between our souls. We then forgave ourselves for everything we have done to ourselves and permitted the soul particles to return to their original owners. We then made the mistake of letting the soul particles return directly to one another. I received thousands of years of memories, emotions, thoughts, lessons and experiences in one go. We should have let the soul particles be first cleansed by the Creator before taking them inside our hearts. That way you receive a nullified particle, without thousands of years of experiences. It took me many months to get over all these emotions I received with my missing soul particle: guilt, hurt, sorrow, but also joy and unlimited love. I think that is the true gift the Jesus soul family has brought to us: Unconditional love for one another. The taking on your sins bit has never made any sense to me and you will soon see why.

The reason why you shouldn’t take someone else’s sins is the first lesson of the resurrection: There is no need to save anyone, so there are no true sins in the eye of the creator.
I told my friend, who used to be Jesus, that there is no need to save anyone anymore, the Creator has already done that. And he agreed with me: He said he was really tired of being the garbage disposal unit of humanity. Millions of people, from all over the world, call upon him and ask him to take out their garbage, on their behalf: Come and save me Jesus. Please protect me Jesus. Take my sins away Jesus, help F.C. Barcelona win on Sunday… not to mention the main job: Please forgive me Jesus and connect me to God. Since it’s not fun to be a judge over humanity, nor is it any fun to be a saviour, my friend decided to quit the job, and give it back to the Creator.

So if you feel like you’re a part of the Jesus soul family, and also feel overwhelmed by “save me” requests, you can also quit the job. There is no need to save anyone anymore. Everything is good already. If you don’t believe me, please ask your inner Creator the same questions I have asked. I’m positive you will get similar answers. The inner creator is the same for everyone. There is no need to save anyone anymore. There never was a need.

So what now? How can the Jesus soul family help humanity, now that there is no need to save anyone? In order to answer that question, I convened my meditation circle, two members of which are from the Jesus soul family, and we asked the inner Creator these questions: What now? How can we help now?
Our inner Creator answered. We were given a vision of how things are now: The Jesus soul family was acting as a sort of pipe the connected humanity to the creator, connected humanity to themselves from the outside. And that was the problem: Humanity should never have connected to the Creator from the outside, only from the inside, through their own hearts. We should start believing in ourselves, believing in our inner guidance, in the voice of God inside our hearts.

The Jesus soul family connecting humanity to God.
So how can we do that?
We received another vision. We were shown the Jesus soul family acting as a mirror that reflects the light of the inner Creator to each one of us. The inner self, within our hearts.
So we called upon all the souls of the Jesus soul family and showed them the new way of doing things. The new way of connecting people to themselves. And they all decided to quit the old way and start doing things in the new way, the inner way.
God is not an unreachable outside force, God is within us. There is no point in climbing mountains or going on journeys in order to meet God. All you have to do is allow your heart to receive God’s advice from within you. Just quiet down and listen to God’s thoughts within you. Once you decide it is possible – you will hear him. Then you can have a holy communion with him in every moment of your life.

the Jesus soul family as a mirror that shows the inner God inside of us

New world vs. old world

Let us now move to a different subject, which (off course) has the same lesson as well.
You might have heard many stories about how there is going to be a huge flood, or maybe an asteroid will hit earth, causing destruction everywhere. I started hearing stories on the subject and shared my fears with my friend, the man who used to be Jesus. He said he has heard many similar stories too: how humanity should be nullified by natural disasters. I asked the inner Creator about it and he told me that there are two realities here on earth at the moment: in one reality, the new one, there are endless possibilities emerging. Endless possibilities of expressing yourselves and creating a new world for all of us.
Then there is the second reality, the old one, where earth is dying away. In that reality everything is falling down and breaking apart. Everything is dying and there is no where to go.
So ask yourself: in which reality are you?
Is everything falling apart around you? Is everyday like a disaster movie?
Then you are still connected to the old world, which is falling apart at the moment. You are still connected to the old reality that is slowly being replaced by the new resurrected earth.
So if you are still in the old world, please ask your soul, to move you to the new earth and ground yourself there.

The Rainbow bridge

The Rainbow bridge is an inter-dimensional bridge that connects all your dimensions together, so that each dimension is aware of the dimension bellow it and the dimension above it. Once each one of your dimensions is aware of one another, your Rainbow Bridge will be open and you will become a truly trans-dimensional being.

In order to understand the concept behind the rainbow bridge, you’ll first have to understand what dimensions are. So I suggest that you meditate on the subject and ask your soul to teach you the overall structure of your multi-dimensional being.

To me, the dimensions appeared as a Conch-shell, where every notch is a dimension.

After I learned the overall structure of my multi-dimensional self, I began meditating on each dimension separately and getting to know it and getting to know the dimensions above it and bellow it. After that I started practicing moving between dimensions at will, until I was satisfied I could do it flawlessly. Luckily for me I had a friend who was investigating his own dimensions, so it was easy to move between dimensions with him. I suggest you also find a friend with whom you can practice being a multi-dimensional being.

At that time, I noticed that if my friend was in a high dimension , and I was on a lower one, then it was really hard to understand what he was talking about. It felt like speaking to an alien of a sort.

Many spiritual teachers rise up to a very high dimension, and then it gets very difficult to understand what they are saying. So if you are a spiritual teacher, try going down to the dimension where your students are, and explain things from that perspective. Otherwise your message might not get through to them.

So after you got to know each one of your dimensions, ask your soul to help you open the connections between your dimensions, so that each dimension will be aware of the dimensions above and bellow it.

At that time, I did the mistake of shutting down my lower dimensions from myself. I tried living only in the fifth dimension. When I did that, everyday felt like I was killing part of myself, until I realized that I should open the connection all the way to my zero-dimension and leave it open.

That is why I suggest you start by going downwards first and get to know your lower dimensions first, because that is the easiest way to reach your oneness consciousness, by finding your first dimension. After you have found your first dimension, try going upwards to your higher dimensions, with the guidance of your soul. And then coming back down.

In a sense your first dimension is your grounding, so remember to go back down the dimensional latter to your first dimension, once you have finished meditating on your higher dimensions. Otherwise you might find it difficult to relate to the people around you, as most of humanity now lives in the fourth or fifth dimension.

I have made it all the way to the 22nd dimension, after which I couldn’t really understand what is going on anymore. My brain went into overload, and I went back down.

Now days I spend most of my time in moving between the 3rd and 7th dimensions, depending on the issues I have in my life and the people around me. Anyways, this is not a competition who can go higher, but more of a path you follow in order to understand yourself better. The idea is to be aware of all your dimensions all the time, but to concentrate on the dimension where your life lessons are. Or maybe try being in your heart consciousness most of the time.

So what does it have to do with resurrection?

Let’s begin by saying that resurrection is the idea that each one of us can be reborn, without dying.

In a sense, you leave your old life and your old self and become someone new. Someone better. Someone awake.

Now let’s say that the whole of humanity can do that same process together: become a new humanity, without actually killing the old humanity. So how we can do that?

By listening to our hearts, by becoming multi dimensional, by changing our ways into better ones, without creating any major catastrophes or mass-graves. That is a dualistic concept of the second dimension: Do or Die. Black or White kind of thing.

Let your heart deal with the dualism of the universe, make it one again with love.

Good luck with your inner journeys, Love, Arje Sakari Silander

5 thoughts on “How to resurrect yourself

  1. Thank you Arje Sakari Silander. I have felt like emotional energy was stuck in me and I have been depressed. I looked up releasing emotional energy and started reading your blog. I am crying and crying and thank you so much.

    1. I just found your website and I am so thankful! It is so well written and highly informative. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  2. I am so excited to consciously be on this path of resurrection. It is the only ‘game in town’. I feel I’ve been on it for a while, but now I feel empowered. Thank you, Arje, for your bravery and for sharing your journey and your insights. May you be blessed beyond belief. And I reach out to all on this similar journey in love and union….that we may all see each other as we were created. Namaste.

  3. Dear Arje,
    I found your website when I was looking for a reliable merkaba meditation. When I read yours, my heart was telling me that’s the right one, though it was far different from other methods I knew. I listened to my heart and practiced as you have described and experienced interesting things.
    I have a question and since you have not updated your website recently, hope you will be reading it. I am not an experienced and well-knowledgable practitioner. It has been around 16 years since I started practicing spiritual practices but in an elementary level. It is almost around one year that my vision has changed towards the world and I have been concentrated on practicing, learning, and reading in this field. Regarding this, I want to know if I can do these meditations you have taught for activating DNA , or others ? Or I should practice more and these are for the higher masters?
    Thanks for sharing your information.

    1. Thank you for your message! I think you should trust your heart and listen to your inner guidance. For me, the DNA-activations were always physical: after each activation it usually took me 3-4 weeks to recuperate. After that I usually took a few extra weeks to get to know the changes that has occurred in me and in my bodies. Only after that I continued forward to the next thing. So my advice to you is to ground yourself thoroughly and listen to your physical body after each activation: does it need rest? nourishment? What does it need?
      Blessings, arje

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