Black and White – Darkness and Light

Since talking about darkness is a big taboo in spiritual peers here in Finland and there are no good articles to be found on the subject, I decided to share my own experiences on darkness and light with you. Maybe than the mist over the subject will be cleared and the taboo will be lifted…

Tarot card journeys on the Kabbalistic tree of life and confronting the devil

My first experience on the subject was when I made meditative journeys with the Tarot cards of the major arcana. I’ve read in some kabbalah book that it is possible to make meditative journeys on the tree of life using the tarot cards as your guide. So I decided to try it out myself.

   Kabbalistic tree of life with the Circle of Life Tarot cards

The tarot cards represent the spiritual journey each one of us can take during our lifetimes. Each one of us can take the journey from being a Fool to being the whole universe. When we meditate with the tarot cards, we can get acquainted with what will lay a head on our spiritual journey. According to the book I’ve read (I forgot its name), we should begin every journey on the kabbalistic tree of life, from the bottom of the tree, from the Malchut Sephira. And we most also finish each journey in that same sephira. Because the Malchut Sephira represents the physical plane, so it’s good to return to our physical bodies at the end of each meditation.

So I began doing meditative journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, using the tarot cards.

The first journey I made was: Malchut -> Yesod -> Hod -> Malchut.

I choose the following cards for my meditative journey:

10 Wands -> XXI The World -> 9 Swords -> XIX The Sun -> 8 Cups -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

Pentacles represent the physical realm, so I wanted to end the journey with a pentacle card. For the number cards you can choose cards from whichever suit you prefer. Each suit (Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands) will have a different feel to it. So, choose your cards intuitively depending on the journey you want to make.

The tarot cards I chose for my first meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

During the journey, I picked the first card I have chosen, and imagined for a second that I am the hero of that card. I then moved on to the next card, and again imagined that I am the hero of that card too. And like that, I went through all the cards I have chosen until I ended back in Malchut again. With each card I got a vision or a sensation and it felt like I’m actually making a physical journey.

For my second trip I decided to visit the Netsach Sephira (no. 7). The journey I planned was:

Malchut -> Yesod -> Netsach -> Malchut.

This time I decided to concentrate on the emotional plane and only choose cards from the cups suit:

10 Cups -> XXI The World -> 9 Cups -> XVII The Star -> 7 Cups -> XXVIII The Moon -> 10 Cups.

The tarot0 cards I chose for my second meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Again, I saw visions and had emotional experiences during the journey. The journey felt real again.

I kept making other journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, until I went all the way up to the Tiferet Sephira (No. 6). If you examine the kabbalistic tree of life, you will notice that in order to get to Tiferet you have to go through either the Devil or the Death cards. So I mustered all my courage and made the following trip:

Malchut -> Netsach -> Tiferet -> Hod -> Malchut.

The cards I’ve chosen for the trip were:

10 Pentacles -> XXVIII The Moon -> 7 Cups -> XIII Death -> 6 Swords -> XV The Devil -> 8 Wands -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

The tarot cards I chose for my third meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Once again, I had different visions with each card: when I was meditating with the Death card I saw myself as a soul who continues from life to life and is not tied up to any particular physical body. When I meditated with the Devil card The Angel of Dualism appeared to me. He told me that each one of us has the potential to be good or bad. That it is our choice. And there is no evil as such. Each one of us has the option of doing good, or doing evil. It is up to us. He said there is no outside force, who will try to force us into doing evil. We are all one, inside the Creator.

The tarot cards in the images are from the Circle of Life tarot pack, by Pietro Alligo and Alessandro Starrantino.

They are round and they have the fairies’ energy in them. I highly recommend them, if you like working with the fairies.

Circle of Life tarot pack

If you want to read more about the Tarot cards and the spiritual journey, each one of us can make from a fool to being the whole Universe, I recommend reading the book “Tarot”, by Elisabeth Haich.

The cover of the book Tarot by Elisabeth Haich

Overcoming dualism

My next experience with Darkness and Light was when I have finally reached my heart-consciousness, after many years of spiritual practice. At the time I was reading a lot about Light and Darkness (above and below) and it felt like it was time for me to balance my Light and Darkness together into one. So I meditated on the subject and called upon my soul and my Inner Christ to help me integrate my Light and Darkness into one.

When I called for him, the Inner Christ showed up and he advised me to first call upon all of my Light to come back to me. After that he advised me to give my heart permission to take control over all of my Light. I did as my Inner Christ advised, and it felt like thousands of Light particles streamed back in to my body and my aura got much bigger.

After that, the Inner Christ advised me to call all of my darkness back to me as well, and give my heart permission to control it too. Again, I did as Christ advised, and all of my darkness came back to me as well.

After that the Inner Christ advised me to give my heart permission to unify all my Light and all my Darkness back together. I gave my heart permission to do so, and this time I saw how two spheres, one made of Light, and one made of darkness, slowly combine together with the power of love and become one. I have finally won Dualism.

Darkness and Light integrated by love

I highly recommend that you also meditate with your Inner Christ and ask him to help you unify your Light and Darkness into one inside your heart.

After this experience, I began balancing other aspects of my duality together, using my Heart Consciousness. I balanced my inner Poverty with my inner Wealth. I balanced my Femininity with my Masculinity. I balanced Adulthood with Childhood. The Future with the Past, Good with Evil, Inner with Outer, Above with Bellow, Strength with Weakness, Control with Surrender. And slowly I became more and more whole, and my life became simpler and filled with more love. I went deeper and deeper into my heart consciousness and tried to stay there all the time. I started trusting my heart more and more, and I let it control more and more aspects of my life.

Balancing the dualistic nature of existence with our hearts

During that period I also realized that being emotionally positive all the time is impossible for me and I began searching for my inner emotional peace instead.


The Inner Personalities/Archetypes

The next step was getting to know my inner personalities (inner archetypes), better. I got to know my inner woman, my inner man and my inner child. I noticed that each one of them has a Light and a Dark aspect to them:

The Inner Woman has a Light and a Dark aspect to her. (The Inner Dark Woman is called Lilith in the Hebrew language, לילית. Lilith literally means female/woman of the Night, Nightress.) The Inner Man has also a Dark and a Light aspect to him as well. And finally, the inner child, also has both aspects to him as well. Together they combine into two families: The Inner Dark Family and The Inner Light Family. Both are equally important.

I meditated with each one of these inner personalities, and invited each one of them into my heart and got to know them better. Once I got to know all of them better and accepted them as they are, I asked my heart to integrate them into one inside my Heart Consciousness. Thus I became One.

I found out that the Inner Dark Archetypes are good at setting boundaries to myself and others. And that the Inner Light Archetypes are good at creating positive atmosphere and self-belief.

In a sense, The Inner Light Family brings Love and ideas from the Creator and the Inner Dark Family makes them into physical reality. Once all the inner archetypes are connected together inside our hearts with love, a closed circuit is created.

A closed circle of Dark and Light Energies

When I got all of my six Inner Archetypes working together in harmony, an Inner Lilly activated inside my heart, and I become a more wholesome creator, who creates out of love.

A Lily made of the dark and Light families working together

So let’s get to know each one of these Inner archetypes:

The Inner Dark Woman (Lilith)

The Inner Dark Woman (Lilith)The Inner Dark Woman’s task is to create a closed space, where things or visions can be created into. Into that space, the inner Light archetypes project their creations. The Inner Dark Woman will also help us define our creations: Do we want to create a house? Or do we want a lakeside log cabin, with 4 rooms, a kitchen and an outdoor smoke sauna? The Inner Dark Woman will help us make our creations more specific, more balanced, and more to our taste…

The Dark Woman Archetype exists in many myths around the world: In Hebrew she is called Lilith (The lady of the night). In Indian mythology she is known as Kali. In Egyptian mythology she is known as Nut. In Greek mythology she is known as Nyx and in the Finnish Kalevala she is probebly Louhi.

The Inner Dark Woman creates a space in which we can make our dreams come true.


The Inner Light Woman

The Inner Light WomanThe Inner Light Woman’s task is to support us in our creations, when we intuitively create into the space reserved by the Inner Dark Woman. She also helps us communicate with God above. My own personal inner light woman is a bit shy, but with a little encouragement she becomes the queen of my world. Using her strength and love she overcomes all obstacles. Slowly but definitely.

The Inner Light Woman’s Archetype also exists in mythologies all around the world, usually as the Goddess of the Sun. Here are some examples: Mary, the mother/wife of Jesus, Durga from Indian mythology, The Japanese Goddess Amaterasu, The Celtic Goddess Áine, The Greek Goddess Eos, The Finnish Päivätär, etc.

The Inner Light Woman intuitively creates anything we need with her shining heart.


The Inner Dark Man

The Inner Dark ManThe Inner Dark Man is the natural partner of The Inner Light Woman. His task is to protect the inner feminine side with his strength and calm and to anchor their creative energy into physical reality. He will fight for us and comfort us in his dark embrace. If we need help in setting boundaries to ourselves and others, The Inner Dark Man is there to help us. It is easy for him to keep his ground and say no to others, after all he is the embodiment of our physical strength. When we need a strong anchor, on which to build upon – The Inner Dark Man is there for us. He will plant our feet deep in the ground and help us communicate with mother nature.

The Inner Dark Man also appears in many myths around the world: The Norwegian Loki, The Greek Erebus, Joukahainen from the Finnish Kalevala, etc.

The Inner Dark Man will protect, guide, strengthen and anchor us to our physical reality and will help us make our dreams come true!


The Inner Light Man

The Inner Light ManThe Inner Light Man is the natural partner of the Inner Dark Woman. He will guide our creation and will light the whole universe for us. We only need to aim his creative energies at the project we are interested in, and his endless love and compassion will carry us through to the end. He can also be our guide, at the times when we have temporarily lost our way. Once he is grounded via one of the inner dark personalities, He can create a palace or a whole kingdom for us, just as long as we don’t forget to share our love with him from time to time.

The Inner Light Man also appears in many mythical figures throughout the world, usually as a Sun God. For example, the Egyptians Amun, Aten or Ra, The Hindu Aryaman and The Greek Apollo.

The Inner Light Man is the embodiment of reason and love.


The Inner Dark Child

The Inner Dark ChildThe Inner Dark child likes enjoying himself and creating a little havoc. He grounds the creative energy of the Inner Light Child and likes to invent new games. If the Inner Dark Child has grown up in a violent or an insecure environment (as I had to grow up with violent parents), he will sometimes hide behind a scary mask. He will only come out of his hiding once it is safe again.

For many centuries, we have been conditioned that darkness equals evil. That is why the Inner Dark Child often judges himself to be evil and will not dare to be himself Instead he will try to be “good” all of the time. He will try to obey his parents, even when those parents do not really care for him. Only when he’s grown up, he realizes that he should follow his own beliefs and not his parents’ beliefs. So, if your Inner Dark Child also judges himself to be evil, please tell him that darkness isn’t evil, it’s only grounding. Then he will start playing and enjoying life again… 😉

The Inner Dark Child also appears in many myths and characters around the world. The first character that came to mind is Emil of Lönneberga, by Astrid Lindgren. Another famous Dark Child character is Calvin, from the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. Other examples of dark princes who create abundance from physical matter are Ilmarinen from the Finnish Kalevala and Seth from Egyptian mythology.

The Inner Dark Child is a playful creator and fun seeker.


The Inner Light Child

The Inner Light ChildThe Inner Light Child is an expression of love and innocence. He radiates his light everywhere he goes and tries to help the people around him. This is his gift, but it can also be his stumbling block. Only when the Inner Light Child learns to set limits to his helpfulness and stop creating to others all the time, he will find abundance. The Inner Light Child likes playing games and never gets tired of exploring the wonders of the world around him. So if you are bored, try getting in touch with your inner children and invite them into your heart. There will be endless games to play and fun things to enjoy!

The Inner Light Child also appears in every culture around the world usually as the son of God. Jesus, Krishna, etc.

The Inner Light Child is an expression of Love and Innocence. A playful and light child.


The Characters pictured above has come to me as visions of my own inner characters. Your light and dark inner characters will appear differently to you. If the colour of your skin is dark, then your inner light characters will appear as radiant dark-skinned figures. The colour of our skin has obviously got nothing to do with our darkness or light.


The natural inner partners

As I have already mentioned, the six inner characters form natural pairs. With one character bringing in light from above and the other character grounding it. One brings in ideas and the other makes them into physical reality.

After getting to know each of my inner characters, I tried being each one of them:

I once went into a pub and while being the Inner Light Man. It felt like all the Dark Women in the place were drawn to me. After that, I tried being the Inner Dark Man – That is when the Light Women in the pub gathered around me, like butterflies drawn to a flower.

Finally, when I was at work, I tried being The Inner Dark Child. To my amazement, one of my colleagues also brought out his Inner Dark Child and together we started inventing nice pranks!

Our inner characters hence form natural pairs: the Inner Dark Man is the natural partner of the Inner Light Woman. The Inner Dark Woman is the natural partner of the Inner Light Man. And The Inner Dark Child  is the natural partner of The Inner Light Child.

Natural pairs of darkness and light

Women with strong inner Dark personalities will usually be attracted to men with strong Inner Light personalities, while women with strong Inner Light personalities will be attracted to men with strong Inner Dark personalities and vice versa. Have you ever wondered why criminal men always manage to find kind and angelic women for themselves? Or why the women of the night always find themselves an honest kind man? That is the reason!

This phenomenon is presented nicely in the movie Grease:

Scenes from the movie Grease showing the inner light and dark ersonalities

At the beginning of the film, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John play Light characters. After they return to school from their summer holidays, John Travolta takes on the role of The Dark Man. Then they switch roles to please one another. Finally, they both take on Dark roles for themselves. (Notice the red Vesica Pisces in the background of the last photo… 😉).

We too, can take on any of these inner six roles. I encourage you to try and be each of these inner characters. You’ll get to know yourself better!

These six inner archetypes are depicted in many films:

In the movie Black Swan, The Inner Dark and Inner Light woman and their struggle is shown brilliantly. I highly recommend this film!

Scenes from the movie the black swan showing the strugle between the inner dark woman and the inner Light woman

In my music video: “crossbow cupid” (Jalkajousikupido in Finnish), I also brought up the inner battle between the Dark and Light woman:

In the movie The Lord of the Rings, the inner archetypes are also shown. Unfortunately, in this movie, the Inner Dark Characters are shown as evil, with sharp teeth and frightening eyes and not as they really are. ☹

Scenes from the movie The Lord of the Rings showing an exagerated inner dark man

The inner children, are portrayed well in the film Dumb and Dumber, in which Jim Carey brings out his Inner Dark Child and Jeff Daniels brings out his Inner Light Child. I recommend this movie as well!

Dumb and Dumber - The inner dark and Light children

Once you have gotten to know all your inner personalities, I recommend that you invite them all into your heart and allow your heart to automatically balance them out with one another. Then ask your heart to connect them into one with your Soul.

Quite often, people who have grown up in violent circumstances, as I have grown, would have used The Inner Dark Child as their protector. It’s good to remember that although The Inner Dark Child might be strong and can scare people off with his freighting mask, he is only a child. And it is better to let the inner adults (The Inner Dark Man or Inner Dark Woman) set boundaries to others and protect you. When they say no, they mean it! Then, The Inner Children can focus on what’s really important: playing and having fun!

You could ask your heart to create a connection between the Inner Children and the Inner Adults. So that once the inner children get to know the inner adults, they will let them protect them and take care of them. Then they could take their masks and be themselves: children…

The Inner Dark Child

This will allow The Inner Children to concentrate on playing and when an emergency arises – The Inner Adults will spring forward and protect Them.

Once you have gotten to know all the six inner archetypes and has connected them all to your heart-consciousness, your tree of life should look like this:

Tree of life with the inner Dark Archetypes as roots and the inner Light archetypes as branches.

The inner Light Archetypes will become the branches of your tree and the inner Dark Archetypes will be become the roots. All six will communicate with one another through your heart. The Inner Dark Characters will bring you messages and nutrition from Mother Earth, while The Inner Light Characters will bring you messages and nutrition from the Sun/God. A loop will be formed inside of you with each of the six Inner Charcters taking part.


The Nature of Darkness

In many sources, darkness is portrayed as evil. From my own experience I can tell that this is not the case. Darkness is actually equal to physical matter, to grounding, from which physical creation can then arise.

When we are born into our physical bodies and begin our spiritual journeys through the seed of life, these are the lessons that we learn:

  1. First, we are one (Root chakra).Seed of Life phase 1
  2. Then we become two, so that we can see ourselves from the outside. Reproduction, Creation begins (Sacral chakra).Seed of Life phase 2
  3. Next, we create an identity for ourselves. We can see ourselves from two different points of view. (The Solar plexus chakra).Seed of Life phase 3
  4. Then we learn to love ourselves inside our sacred heart consciousness.Seed of Life phase 4
  5. After that we develop our intuition and telepathy and begin to communicate with ourselves. (Throat chakra).Seed of Life phase 5
  6. Next we see ourselves from the outside and get to balance our physical and spiritual aspects. This is where many spiritual seekers get stuck for many years. They rediscover their own physicality, their own darkness, and judge it to be “bad” and start fighting it. This is where many spiritual seekers begin their “Light warrior” phase. (Third eye chakra).Seed of Life phase 6
  7. In the end we all learn to accept our darkness and light and learn to love ourselves as we are and the journey of the seed of life is complete. (Crown chakra).Seed of Life phase 7

I have met many spiritual seekers who have been taught that it is better to be only in light. Then those well-meaning individuals slowly leave their darkness, their physical bodies and become so full of light that they actually die in physical reality. Therefore, it is really important to keep in touch with our darkness, our physical bodies, while journeying upwards through the chakras.

These same light workers are also always trying to increase the amount of light around them. They send Light to everyone and everything. But when we increase the light – the universe will automatically try to balance us out and the Darkness around us will increase too. And because Light-workers try to always be in Light – Dark people will be naturally attracted to them. The stronger our Light is – The stronger the darkness around us will become.

Light warriors vs. Love warriors

So, if you also suffer from this predicament, I recommend going into your heart and giving it permission to balance your light and your darkness together automatically. Once your Light and Darkness are in balance, you will attract people who have also managed to balance their Light and Darkness together.

Once I realized this, I ended my light worker career and become a love-warrior. I try to be in my heart all the time. Be in my oneness, inside my physical body, in my heart’s love. And if there’s a place on the planet that needs help – I send my love to it.

If we send light to a conflict area, the amount of light increases in that area, but so does the amount of darkness, because the universe will automatically try to keep darkness and light in balance. Then because of the energy we have sent, the conflict will actually get bigger and bigger and will become more and more physical. When we only send love to a conflict area – the amount of love in the area grows and the conflict gets smaller. Therefore, it is better to send love to a conflict area and not Light. Light will only make the situation worse. Just send your love, that’s enough. Trust the universe!


The Devil’s archetype

The devil’s archetype is based on the ancient tradition of straw goats. Straw Goats were erected each year to symbolize fertility at the end of harvest. When Christianity was spreading into Europe, the leaders of the church tried to make all the old nature-religion’s  rituals into something evil. And so the straw goats became the personification of evil itself: The devil. And fertility (sex) became something bad. (Modern day Santa Claus is also based on straw goats and the devil’s archetype).

The devil's archetype, from straw goat into a horned devil

Even now days, the devil’s archetype, is used to scare us into obedience: An invisible red horned being, who is trying to corrupt us from within, unless we obey the authorities… 😉

The devil's archetype is very similiar to the image of the corona virus

The archetype of hell was probably taken from a volcano eruption.


Raising our vibration

This is not really related to the topic, but I thought I’d put it here, because many spiritual seekers are harmed by this idea as well. Unfortunately, many spiritual seekers are being taught, that they should always try to raise their vibration level higher and higher so as to become enlightened. These misguided people keep on raising their vibration without taking into account the natural capacity of their physical bodies. This is dumb. Raising our vibration all the time will kill us. Our bodies cannot handle it …

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by strong magnetic fields (Wi-Fi, GSM, 4G, 5G etc.) These radiation sources vibrate millions of times every second! For example, a normal Wi-Fi network vibrates at 2.4-8 Giga Hertz, i.e., at worst, 8 million vibrations per second. This continuous magnetic bombardment will raise our vibration levels so high that it will seem like our lives are speeding up and we no longer have time for ourselves!

This is why I urge you to listen to your bodies and meditate with them: Have you raised your vibration too high? Should you perhaps lower your vibration a little bit, so that you will feel more comfortable in your body?

Each one of us has a natural level of vibration, where we should stay all of the time. Our home frequency. Our colour. Our musical note.

I recommend that you ask your heart to bring you back down to your own natural frequency, to your own natural vibration level. Where you will feel at home again.

I also recommend that you close all of your WiFi and GSM networks, each night before you go to sleep. And keep all your magnetic devices as far away from you as possible. You might want to do the same at work as well.

Orgonite devices can help you with that as well. You can build, or buy, an orgonite device and position it between you and the radiation source so that the device will protect you during the day.


Finding our oneness

We have been taught that in order to find our oneness, we must go up, to a higher dimension. According to my experience, that is also not true. The easiest way to find our oneness, is to actually go down to our first dimension. You can ask your soul to help you find your first dimension and be constantly in touch with it. This is where your base is, your roots, your physical ground. Where we are all one. When we keep our feet on the ground, we can jump to the stars.

In this article I explain how to activate our rainbow bridge and connect all of our dimensions together.



In many relationships the partners naturally co-create together: one of the partners takes a Light-role and the other partner takes a Dark-role. One of the partners brings Light and ideas from above (=Ankh), and the other partner grounds the ideas and makes them into physical reality (= ankh-or).

Ankh, Anchor and an Anchored Ankh

It is good to learn how to create in both roles. Learn how to connect to your spirit and be an inspiring person, but also learn how to be inspired by somebody else’s dreams and help them make their dreams come true. Both roles are equally satisfying. Once you can create in both roles, you’ll be able to inspire and make your own dreams come true by yourself. I recommend that you get to know your ankh and your ankh-or and let your heart balance the two together automatically, so that your creation will come from within you and through you.


The black Panther initiation

When I was visiting the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan in Mexico at 11.11.2011, next to the Pyramid of the Moon, was the Temple of the Black Panther.

A painting of a puma in TeotihuacanThe panting of the puma explained

I was directed into the temple where I was initiated by a spirit of a black panther. As I was meditating near the temple, a spirit of a black panther appeared to me. The spirit guided me into the depths of the temple. It led me to a large hall, were I saw a formation of Dark Warriors. The black panther said to me: “if you want to learn how to see in the dark, try connecting to your Inner Dark Warrior and becoming one of them for a while. I asked my soul if this was safe to do so, and I got the answer: “Yes. Do not be afraid. The black panther will protect you”. So, I permitted the experience, and for a little while I became a Dark Warrior. Darkness engulfed me and for a while I was completely Dark. At first, I was terribly scared, but then I realized that everything is still OK, I’m still alive and this is just a part of my dualistic experience. When I looked at the world from that dark perspective, everything seemed full of Light. That’s when I realized that if we look at the world from our Darkness – we will see the Light side more clearly. And when we look at the world from our Lightness – we will see the darkness of the world better.

After the initiation, I was able to see through my third eye more clearly. I was able to see things from both perspectives: darkness and light. Finally, I also managed to combine the two perspectives into one unified vision. I began to see people and other beings more wholesomely: part light and part darkness.

Many light workers spend their time mostly in their light. Then they wonder why they see only darkness around them. If this is the case with you too, then maybe you should realize that you have become too detached from your physical body and you now see the world only from one point of view.

Too much in Light

If you only see Light around you, then you are probably too much in your darkness.

Too much in the dark

If you want to see a more wholesome picture of the world around you, it’s good to be aware of this dualism and try to look at things from both inner perspectives, that is, to be in your light and in your darkness at the same time, and look at the world from both points of view:

Seeing the world from your Yin and your yang

From the dark side you will see the light aspect of the people around you, and from the light side you will see the dark side of the people around you. Whence you’ll be able to form a more complete picture of them and love them as they are.

Paradise and Hell

I’ve also have experiences of paradise and hell: When I was helping a friend of mine retrieve her soul-particles, I was shown a vision where one of the soul-particles has condemned itself to hell.

As you probably already know, God never judges us. It just loves us as we are, without passing judgement. We are the ones who judge ourselves and others, not God. Unfortunately, many of us has been taught from an early age, that if we do evil – we will be sentenced to hell. And so my friend’s soul-particle has judged itself to suffering in hell for the evil she has done in some previous life.

Anyways, when I learned that part of my friend’s soul has condemned itself to hell, I decided to help her free herself from that place.

I was very scared, but decided to go down to hell anyways and help my friend. I called upon my Power Animals, The Angels, Christ and my Crystals to help me and protect my during the journey. Together we descended into hell. The Arch Angels lighted the way, while my Power Animals protected me. When we got there, the place looked like a medieval torture chamber with old prison cells and torturing equipment. There was nobody in there. The place was empty, but for a couple of souls who were hovering around doing nothing. My friend’s soul-particle was inside one of the cells, wondering why no one is coming to torture it.

That’s when the crystals, I brought with me, sprang into action and turned the torture-chamber into a crystalline cave. The crystals glistened from everywhere, and the whole place looked like it was made out of ice. Hell has been frozen over… 😊

That’s when I went into my friend’s cell, the door wasn’t locked, and asked her: What the hell are you doing here? 😊 She replied that she had done evil, so she condemned herself to hell. I told her that the people she have injured, had long since forgiven her and that there was no longer any good reason to stay in that place, waiting for a torture that would never come. So, she asked, the souls of the people she had harmed, for forgiveness. And once she was forgiven, she forgave herself too, and we all returned to the present moment. I thanked all the beings that helped us during the journey and sent them on their way.

A few days Later I also made a trip to paradise, and that place was empty too. Only a few souls lingering about, wondering why there was nobody in there… 😉

I believe paradise is actually Mother Earth’s unified consciousness. When we take part in it, we can live safely in endless abundance…


Working with the Light and Dark aspects of your power animals

By this point in my spiritual journey, I had already become acquainted with my darkness and made peace with it. I loved my own darkness and used it, together with my light, to create my life. At the time, however, I had a crisis going on, and I couldn’t see a way out of it. So I asked the universe for help, and a huge dark spirit bird came to me. I was a little scared, but I stayed put and asked the bird what it wanted. The bird said it came to help me. So I gave it permission to approach me. When I agreed to cooperate with the bird’s dark side, the Light side of the bird appeared too.  I saw a huge burning phoenix that came to help me with my problem. With the bird’s help, I was able to get over my crisis and was born a new. Once I got to know the phoenix some more I Decided to dedicate my drum to it. Now days, the phoenix comes every once in a while when I need help being reborn again.

The phoenix told me that its dark aspect has appeared to me first, because without a ground, without a solid physical base, there can be no fire. It is dangerous to light a fire in the air.

Me and my Phoenix drum in Kuusamo

A similar thing has happened to a friend of mine, with her power animal: She told me that a huge dark bug has kept showing up to her, until she accepted the dark aspect of it. That’s when the Light aspect of the bug appeared too, and she saw a huge scarab (pill spinner) that has come to help her change her life to the better. Help her turn the old and rotten into new growth.

Pill spinner

Every shaman needs a spirit ally, who can hunt at night. For example, an owl, a crow, a black panther, or even a moth… 😊

Sometimes when I take a walk at night, I call upon the spirit of a night animal to help me and guide during my walks. Nocturnal animals are used to hunting in the dark, and so they are better able to protect and guide me during the night, as the black panther protected me during the initiation in Mexico.


The Inner warrior

My last experience with light and darkness came when I was getting to know my Inner Warrior. I noticed that the inner warrior consists of light and darkness too. So I called my soul to help me see my Inner Light Warrior and got to know it and connected it to my heart. The Light Warrior looked like a monk with a spear. After that I called upon my Dark Inner Warrior and got to know it as well and connected it to my heart too. The Dark Inner Warrior looked like it was made from black obsidian, with sharp angles and spikes everywhere.

Once I got to know both of my Inner Warriors, I asked my heart to combine the two into one. That’s when I saw the two warriors morph into one: a monk surrounded by black stone: The Warrior of Love. Now when I need help fighting injustice, I summon my inner warrior and he helps me win my battles.

I highly recommend that you also get in touch with your inner warriors and let your heart combine the two Inner Warriors into one, inside your heart.

In the movie “Dragon – The Bruce Lee story”, which tells the story of Bruce Lee’s life, The Light and Dark Warriors are shown:

The inner dark and Light warriors as presented in the movie Dragon - The Bruce Lee story.1. As a child, Bruce Lee encounters the Inner Dark Warrior, but he succumbs to fear and runs away without a fight.

2 + 3. Then Bruce Lee learns karate and he takes on the aspect of the Inner Light warrior.

4. However, once Bruce Lee becomes an adult, he has to face the Dark Warrior again. (I encountered a similar line of dark warriors in Mexico, when I was initiated by the Black Panther).

5. When the dark warrior threatens his child, Bruce Lee decides to fight the dark warrior.

6. Bruce Lee defeats the Dark Warrior in battle, with the help of his nunchakus.

7 + 8. After that, Bruce Lee takes on the role of The Dark Warrior whenever he needs to.

In the new Star Wars movie: The Rise of Skywalker, both aspects of the inner warrior are shown too:

The inner Light and dark warriors as presented in the movie Star wars - The rise of Skywalker1. At the beginning of the movie, Rey Skywalker, the heroine, takes on the role of the Light Warrior and fights against darkness.

2. Rey then has to face her own inner darkness and make peace with it.

3. Her foe in the movie, the Dark Warrior, turns out to be a loving man.

4. Rey makes peace with her darkness.

5 + 6. At the start of the final battle, Rey uses only the strength of her Inner Light Warrior and is losing the battle.

7. She then understands that she has to integrate both her inner warriors into one, and use both of their strengths together.

8 + 9 Rey defeats the main villain with the strength of both of her inner warriors.

In the film, the dark warrior is first portrayed as a normal person. But then suddenly changes into something evil, with sharp teeth and scary eyes. Like the mask the Inner Dark Child likes to put on, so as to scare his enemies away, so he wouldn’t have to fight them… 😊

Star wars the rise of Skywalker shows an exagereted view of the inner dark warrior, with sharp teeth and scary red eyes

How colors are created from vibration between dark and light

As you probably already know, colours are created by vibrations in certain wavelengths. Vibrations between a negative and a positive potential. Between Light and Darkness. So in a sense we need both Light and Darkness for colours to exist.

The two potentials of Light and Darkness create all the colours we know

Different vibrations form different colours and when love is added to this vibration – Life begins. We are all just vibrations… 😉


Dark magic and light magic

In many books, there are tales of Light and Dark Magic. But if you think about it for a moment: The one cannot exist without the other. Light magic cannot create anything physical without Dark magic to ground it into physical reality. And Dark magic will not create anything without inspiration from Light Magic. Only when you combine the two magics together, with the love of your heart, something concrete will be created.

In the same way, one cannot only be only a Master of Light or only a Master of Darkness. Light and Darkness are one, and if you are a Master of Light – you are also a Master of Darkness and vice versa: Masters of Darkness are also Masters of Light.

Therefore, if you like working with Light Masters, I urge you to ask them to show you their dark side as well. Then you will understand the concept better. Outside of this dualistic world, both Light and Darkness do not exist.

If you like the Arch Angels, as I do, then I encourage you to get to know the Arch Angels darkness as well. Most people work only with the Light aspect of the Angels. I suggest that when you next communicate with an Angel, ask him to show you their dark side as well and to teach you about it. Then you’ll get to know the Angels full power.

In summery, every living creature in this dualistic realm, has two aspects: Light and Dark. I recommend getting to know both of them.


Working with spirits (ghosts)

I have been working with spirits for many years now, and so far I haven’t seen any “evil” spirits. Spirits usually stay here to haunt, because something has been left undone. Some injustice wasn’t mended or some emotion wasn’t expressed out. They were simply not ready for the next life.

I remember the first time I met a spirit. I was at home and a woman’s spirit came into my apartment. I was really frightened and I called upon the Angels and my Power Animals to help me and protect me, and cast the spirit away.

Later on, I learned that spirits are not evil, and I can talk with them in peace. Just as long as I remember that not all spirits are smart… 😉

Today I know that when a spirit comes to visit, I just ask it what it wants. And if I can and want to help it, I do. If I’m not interested, I just tell the spirit to leave me alone and go away.

I was once teaching a course in Eastern Finland, in a really old building. In the evening after the course ended, and the house was empty, I felt there were spirits in the basement of the building. Apparently, they died there a long time ago, and had stayed on to haunt the place. So I asked the spirits if they needed my help. They said no. So we agreed to leave each other alone.

It can also go the other way: A few years ago, I made a trip to Raatteentie, in Eastern Finland, with a friend of mine. Raatteentie is the place where heavy battles has been fought between Finnish and Soviet forces during world war two. The soviet forces included divisions from Russia and from the Ukraine, and many Ukrainians and Russian soldiers has died in these battles. My friend was a Ukrainian officer in a past life. And in that life, he promised his soldiers that he would take care of them. However, he died at the battle and was thus unable to fulfill his promise. So we traveled north together and toured the battlefields and held drumming ceremonies in two places where the Ukrainian battalions have fought. We found natural power spots in the forest and drummed together. We asked the people of Ukraine, Finland and Russia to help us in our ceremony. We called on the Angels and the Spirits of the Forest to help us. Together, we created a bridge to oneness, through which all spirits lost in that war could be reunited with God. We did this in both battlefields and we saw how the spirits of Ukrainian, Russian and Finnish soldiers go back to God. Finally, we closed the bridge and asked the spirits of the forest to repair the damage the war has done to the place, so that love and abundance would return to the forest. It was a great experience!

Therefore, I encourage you to talk to the spirits, who appear to you, and ask them what they want. Once you know what they want, you can decide if you want to help them or not. You don’t really have to help if you don’t want to.


Dark creatures

I have also met low-vibrating creatures who leech into us and suck our energy. Their level of awareness can be compared to that of mosquitoes or ticks. At first, I was terribly afraid of them too, but after a while, I learned to communicate with them as well. If I notice that one of them is stuck into me, I ask it:

– What are you doing here?

– Through which wound have you entered my energy field?

– How can I heal that wound?

The dark creatures will help us heal our wounds if we ask them nicely… 😉

A dark creature

Once I’ve healed the wounds, I ask the dark creature: where does it want to go?

It’s not good to leave them around, because then they’ll attach themselves to someone else in the house. So I always help them go somewhere else. I invite one of the archangels to relocate them to their desired destiny. I thank them, and wish them a nice journey!


Working with curses

Cursing (putting curses on) other people is not advisable, because you will be breaking the first law of karma: Don’t do anything to someone else without their permission.  And since everything in here is mirrored, if you put a curse on someone else – you will have to carry it yourself too.

When I learned that lesson, I made a ceremony and apologized to all the people/beings I cursed, in all the lives I ever lived here. After that I forgave all the people/beings that has cursed me in all the lives I ever lived here.

Then I asked that all the curses I have ever put, in this life and in past and future lives, will be removed.

As my own curses went away, I disengaged from the whole system of curses.

Since then, I no longer accept other people’s curses. If somebody curses me – I bless them. This way, the person, who has cursed my, has to carry the curse by itself. I guess that is what Jesus meant when he said: Turn the other cheek too.. 😉


Ending remarks

Our world is made up of darkness and light and it is worth exploring both aspects of reality. Now days, when I see a dark creature – I remind him of his light. And when I see a light creature – I remind him of his darkness. That is how I keep dualism balanced in my world.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope that you have found it helpful! It would be nice to hear your comments and experiences on the subject. I think it’s time to break the taboo on the subject. Only respectful comments will be acknowledged and published, though.

Love and blessings, Arje Sakari Silander


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