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Black and White – Darkness and Light

Since talking about darkness is a big taboo in spiritual peers here in Finland and there are no good articles to be found on the subject, I decided to share my own experiences on darkness and light with you. Maybe than the mist over the subject will be cleared and the taboo will be lifted…

Tarot card journeys on the Kabbalistic tree of life and confronting the devil

My first experience on the subject was when I made meditative journeys with the Tarot cards of the major arcana. I’ve read in some kabbalah book that it is possible to make meditative journeys on the tree of life using the tarot cards as your guide. So I decided to try it out myself.

   Kabbalistic tree of life with the Circle of Life Tarot cards

The tarot cards represent the spiritual journey each one of us can take during our lifetimes. Each one of us can take the journey from being a Fool to being the whole universe. When we meditate with the tarot cards, we can get acquainted with what will lay a head on our spiritual journey. According to the book I’ve read (I forgot its name), we should begin every journey on the kabbalistic tree of life, from the bottom of the tree, from the Malchut Sephira. And we most also finish each journey in that same sephira. Because the Malchut Sephira represents the physical plane, so it’s good to return to our physical bodies at the end of each meditation.

So I began doing meditative journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, using the tarot cards.

The first journey I made was: Malchut -> Yesod -> Hod -> Malchut.

I choose the following cards for my meditative journey:

10 Wands -> XXI The World -> 9 Swords -> XIX The Sun -> 8 Cups -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

Pentacles represent the physical realm, so I wanted to end the journey with a pentacle card. For the number cards you can choose cards from whichever suit you prefer. Each suit (Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands) will have a different feel to it. So, choose your cards intuitively depending on the journey you want to make.

The tarot cards I chose for my first meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

During the journey, I picked the first card I have chosen, and imagined for a second that I am the hero of that card. I then moved on to the next card, and again imagined that I am the hero of that card too. And like that, I went through all the cards I have chosen until I ended back in Malchut again. With each card I got a vision or a sensation and it felt like I’m actually making a physical journey.

For my second trip I decided to visit the Netsach Sephira (no. 7). The journey I planned was:

Malchut -> Yesod -> Netsach -> Malchut.

This time I decided to concentrate on the emotional plane and only choose cards from the cups suit:

10 Cups -> XXI The World -> 9 Cups -> XVII The Star -> 7 Cups -> XXVIII The Moon -> 10 Cups.

The tarot0 cards I chose for my second meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Again, I saw visions and had emotional experiences during the journey. The journey felt real again.

I kept making other journeys on the kabbalistic tree of life, until I went all the way up to the Tiferet Sephira (No. 6). If you examine the kabbalistic tree of life, you will notice that in order to get to Tiferet you have to go through either the Devil or the Death cards. So I mustered all my courage and made the following trip:

Malchut -> Netsach -> Tiferet -> Hod -> Malchut.

The cards I’ve chosen for the trip were:

10 Pentacles -> XXVIII The Moon -> 7 Cups -> XIII Death -> 6 Swords -> XV The Devil -> 8 Wands -> XX Judgement -> 10 Pentacles.

The tarot cards I chose for my third meditative journey on the kabbalistic tree of life

Once again, I had different visions with each card: when I was meditating with the Death card I saw myself as a soul who continues from life to life and is not tied up to any particular physical body. When I meditated with the Devil card The Angel of Dualism appeared to me. He told me that each one of us has the potential to be good or bad. That it is our choice. And there is no evil as such. Each one of us has the option of doing good, or doing evil. It is up to us. He said there is no outside force, who will try to force us into doing evil. We are all one, inside the Creator.

The tarot cards in the images are from the Circle of Life tarot pack, by Pietro Alligo and Alessandro Starrantino.

They are round and they have the fairies’ energy in them. I highly recommend them, if you like working with the fairies.

Circle of Life tarot pack

If you want to read more about the Tarot cards and the spiritual journey, each one of us can make from a fool to being the whole Universe, I recommend reading the book “Tarot”, by Elisabeth Haich.

The cover of the book Tarot by Elisabeth Haich

Overcoming dualism

My next experience with Darkness and Light was when I have finally reached my heart-consciousness, after many years of spiritual practice. At the time I was reading a lot about Light and Darkness (above and below) and it felt like it was time for me to balance my Light and Darkness together into one. So I meditated on the subject and called upon my soul and my Inner Christ to help me integrate my Light and Darkness into one.

When I called for him, the Inner Christ showed up and he advised me to first call upon all of my Light to come back to me. After that he advised me to give my heart permission to take control over all of my Light. I did as my Inner Christ advised, and it felt like thousands of Light particles streamed back in to my body and my aura got much bigger.

After that, the Inner Christ advised me to call all of my darkness back to me as well, and give my heart permission to control it too. Again, I did as Christ advised, and all of my darkness came back to me as well.

After that the Inner Christ advised me to give my heart permission to unify all my Light and all my Darkness back together. I gave my heart permission to do so, and this time I saw how two spheres, one made of Light, and one made of darkness, slowly combine together with the power of love and become one. I have finally won Dualism.

Darkness and Light integrated by love

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Reunification of the Crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis

At the 22 of September 2009, I got a phone call from my friend, “Blue”. She told me that her friend from Estonia has come to visit her and asked me if I’d like to come and meditate with them. She said her intuition has told her to call me.

When we gathered at Blue’s house, none of us knew what we were going to do together. Blue mentioned that her friend, “Red”, used to be a Lemurian, in a previous life. I knew that Blue and I were ex Atlantians. The minute she mentioned her friend’s origin I knew what we should do: unite the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis. I also suddenly knew that Red was an ex Lemuria priestess and that Blue was an ex Atlantian priestess.

As many of you know, mother Earth has moved into the Crystal energy era on 9.9.09. It was time to unite the male and female energies of the crystal network.

We called upon the Lemurian and Atlantian priestesses and asked them to join us in the meditation, and help us and protect us from harm. Then we went on two separate trips: Red went to the Lemurian temple and connected her heart to the Lemurian crystal energy. Blue went to the Atlantian temple and connected her heart to the Atlantian crystal energy. Then they connected their hearts together and joined the two Crystal energies into one. They then sent the unified energy to all of Humanity until the Atlantian and Lemurian energy nets became aligned and unified into one net.

Blue said that two energy spirals has started in her and that the spirals has unified the right and the left side of her brain into one. I felt the same effect in my body as well.

A week later we met again and meditated again. This time we did some shamanic traveling together. When I returned home that night I didn’t feel well. I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a huge pain in my abdominal area and new memories from my life in Atlantis.

for a few years now, I knew that I was the commander of the Atlantian army and hence also member of the ruling council of Atlantis. Our decisions in the council have led directly to the fall of Atlantis. I have made my peace with that part of my life.

That night, more memories from my time in Atlantis has surfaced: I remembered how we fought a war against Lemuria. I remembered how the Lemurians has killed my son, who was a soldier as well. I remembered how I went on a personal revenge trip against the Lemurians. I remembered how the Atlantian crack divisions has landed in Lemuria and destroyed it. I remembered how we found out that destroying the Lemurians meant that planet Earth has lost her energetic balance and that because of that Atlantis will be destroyed as well. I remembered that we organized a massive evacuation of Atlantis and tried to save as many people as we could. My last memory is standing on a deck of a ship and watching my beloved Atlantis ink in a hail of Volcano eruptions.
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Crossing the inner Sea and becoming Endless

Inside the Old Testament there are many clues about how our light bodies are structured. If we read the description for the blue print of the temple of Solomon, we will notice that God designed it to be built in the shape of a man: two legs (Boaz and Yachin), two arms, five fingers in every hand, and the Dvir (the holy of holies) which is located in the area of the chest. God wanted to remind us that we are the temple, inside which His light shines.

This site, shows amazing graphics of the temple, and it shows how the temple of Solomon was created in the shape of the human body. I recommend that you go to this site and have a look for your selves, before you continue on reading.

Since Solomon’s Temple was built in the shape of a human body, it means that each one of us contains inside him or her self a Divine, a Holy place, where we can commute with our inner God. The word Dvir (דביר) itself is from the root DVR (דבר), which means “to speak”. The word Dvir also contains the Hebrew letter Yod (י), which is often used as a short form of the word signifying God in Hebrew, Jehovah (יהוה). Together they mean ”to speak with God” (דבר י).

In my opinion, the pictures on the site are not entirely correct. The Dvir is located in our chest area and not in our heads, as the site suggests. That is why I made a new version of the Temple Man, which shows where the Holy of Holies is really located. Notice the smile you will also have, once you have entered the Dvir of your own body… : )

According to the Old Testament, Solomon’s Temple had a Menorah inside of it. The Menorah is supposed to be a candle holder for seven candles. If we’ll examine the structure of the Menorah closely, we will see that it is in fact a representation of our chakra system, which also shows the balancing principle behind it.

It’s a bit hard to see it at first, but once we turn the Menorah 90 degrees to the left, everything becomes much clearer.

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Cleaning the Land and Seas with singing and nets of light

One weekend when we were making orgonite devices for cleaning the seas, and we were taking a break, one of the women in meeting said: “there must be an easier way of cleaning the seas, than dumping more stuff (orgonite devices) in them.”
I immediately remembered the story my little sister has told me:

My sister has told me that in her vision a light being came to her and told her: “it is time you started cleaning this planet”. The light being took her to the shore of the sea near where she lives. My sister and the light being then cleaned the sea with a light net they received from Mother Earth. They dipped the net in the water and then slowly lifted it out and dumped the “garbage”, out of the water, on the beach. After doing it many times, the water became clean and my sister saw a whale and light dolphins jumping into the water and swimming!
My sister lighted a match and set the “garbage” on the beach ablaze. The “garbage” burned away and disappeared.

I told the woman at the meeting my sisters story and the woman said she will try it.

Yesterday, I told my sister what has happened in the meeting and she said I have left out an important part of the story. She said that in the vision, she cleaned the oceans using a light net, BUT she activated it with her voice. I asked her to teach me how she’s done it, but she said she doesn’t know. She knew how to do it in the vision, but she didn’t know how to do it in “real” life.

The next day, I decided I have to try the cleaning method myself. I went to the forest near my home, and set on a bench over looking the sea. I called my Spirit Guide and asked her to teach me the technique. (I have two guides working with me: a female Earth Spirit and a male Angel). My spirit guide then called one of her sisters, a Water Spirit and she taught me how to clean the sea. I connected my root chakra to the center of the earth with a tube of light and then I let the Water Spirit take over my energy field so that my energy field became totally yin – female energy. I then asked Mother Earth to help me clean the sea.

I felt a golden energy rising up from the center of the earth, through my chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat) and coming out of my mouth.
When the golden light came out of my mouth, it became a huge net of light that spread all over the sea in front of me.

I asked the Water Spirit: “and what do I do now?”
The Water Spirit said: “breathe in”.
I breathed in and the light net descended into the water.

I filled myself with love for the whole universe, and sang: “OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh”.
When I started singing the light net started vibrating with the love in my heart and started rising up.
When it was outside the water, I dumped the black material out of it on the beach.
Then I breathed in again, and the net went back deep in the water.
I sang with love again and the net came up again, and when it was out of the water I dumped its contents on the same spot as earlier.
I kept on breathing in, singing and emptying the net until I felt the water were clean and I saw light dolphins laughing and swimming in the water. I then lighted a golden match and burned the pile of black material.

I then left the bench and walked home. After a few meters of walking, 5 earth spirits came and thanked me.

Cleaning a river and a landfill with singing and the earth grid

The next day I decided to clean the river next to my home. As I was walking to the river, an Earth Spirit approached me and asked me to clean the spoiled land, near my house. The city of Helsinki has cleaned up a shooting range that used to exist next to my home. They sucked out the spoiled land, that was filled with led and copper, with huge vacuum cleaner trucks, and then dumped it into a hole in the ground next to my home. Then they covered the hole with white gravel. As though the white color will make us forget that the land was spoiled.

I promised the Earth Spirit I will clean the spoiled land as well.

I continued on to the river and sat on the grass near the river, warming myself in the sun. I connected my root chakra to the centre of the earth with a tube of light and I asked Mother Earth to help me clean the river. Again I felt golden energy rising through the light tube. The energy went upwards through my chakras and came out of my mouth. It then formed a light net over the whole length of the river; over kilometers and kilometers of water.

I breathed in and the light net sank into the bottom of the river.
I felt on love in my heart and began singing: “OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh”. The whole net started vibrating with love and rising up. I noticed that it’s important to concentrate on the love vibration, even after you have stopped singing, because that vibration is the thing that cleans. Once the net was completely out of the water I emptied its contents on the shore, not to close to me.
I then breathed again and the net sank in the water again. I singed with love again, and the net has risen again. Again I emptied it next to me.
After doing it for about 20 times, I felt the water were clean, so I stopped and imagined that in the end of the golden energy, coming out of my mouth, there is a match. I lighted the match, and used it to burn the pile of “garbage” I took out of the river.

I then went to the spoiled land area near my home. It’s about 1000 square meters in size. Again I asked Mother Earth to help me clean the Area and again I felt golden energy rising through me and out of my mouth. When I breathed in, the net sank, maybe 50 meters deep, into the Earth. When I started singing with love, the net started vibrating and rising. When it was out of the ground, I dumped its contents on one spot.

I kept on cleaning the Earth like that, until my singing muscle got so tired I couldn’t go on, so I stopped. I lighted a “match” and burned the pile of “garbage” I have collected. This time the burning took a long time. First the “garbage” on the surface of the ground burned away. I then “saw” that underneath the garbage, there was a deep shaft full of black stuff. It felt as though the black shaft is a painful wound in Mother Earth.
The flame went downwards, into the shaft, consuming away the black material. After About ten minutes all the black material was consumed by the flame and I saw golden energy on the bottom of the shaft.
Then I knew all the black stuff has been completely removed from that spot, and Mother Earth will be able to heal that wound on her own.

The next day I went to the same place and finished the job of cleaning the spoiled land.

That day I was also informed that the golden energy is part of the light net of Mother Earth and she let’s us use it if our intentions are honorable.

The Meditation

If you want to clean the lands or seas next to your home, this is how you do it:
Create a holy/safe place where you can do healing work.
Decide what area/sea you want to clean, or ask Mother Earth, which area/sea needs to be cleaned.
Connect yourself with a tube of light to the Sun and to the Center of the Earth. The light tube should start from the sun, go through you, and then go from your root chakra to the core of the Earth.
Ask mother Earth to help you clean the land/sea, you have chosen to clean. You will feel golden energy rising from the center of the Earth, through your chakras and coming out of your mouth. When the energy comes out of your mouth it will become a huge net of light that will spread all over the are/sea you are cleaning.
Once the net is spread all over the area/sea, breathe in. The net will sink into the ground/water.
Fill your heart with love to every living creature and sing “AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhh”, with love. If you have a good connection to Mother Earth, she will tell you what to sing. While you’re singing the net will start to vibrate with love and to rise up. The vibration is what cleans the material, so concentrate on the vibration even after you have stopped singing.
Once you feel the net is completely above the ground/water, turn it in your mind and dump it’s contents somewhere outside the area/sea. Not to close to you.
Breathe in again. The net will sink into the ground/water again.
Sing with love again. The net will vibrate with love again and will rise up.
Empty the net again on the same spot.

Keep on repeating this process until you feel the ground/water is vibrating with love. The ground/water will “smile” to you. Then you will know the area/sea is clean.
Imagine the energy coming out of your mouth becomes a snake of light with a match/torch in its end. Burn the black material you have collected, with the match torch. Stay with the fire and wait until it has consumed all the black material away. Sometimes the fire will move underground and will clean a black shaft/vain inside Mother Earth. Stay with the fire until the fire consumes itself.
Thank Mother Earth and yourself. You have done a very important thing!

Once you have cleaned the area around you home you will notice that the weather patterns around your home are gentler, there are less clouds and the weather is nicer.

I hope this story will inspire some of you to clean the seas and land near your homes. You don’t need to be a good singer to clean the earth – you only need a little bit of love in your heart… 🙂

Love and light to you all,
Arje Sakari Silander

The Golden Lily Meditation

In 2006 I went to a sacred geometry course in Ylöjärvi, Finland. My two friends and I drove there together and on the way, one of my friends said that in that course we will be given an important symbol.
Before the course I talked with the teacher Riitta, who is my good friend, and she told me that, the angels had told her, that the name of the symbol that we will be given is Shoshan. Shoshan (שושן) means Lily in Hebrew.
Riitta doesn’t know Hebrew…

During that course we meditated together but I could not see the symbol. We returned to Helsinki that night and before I went to sleep I asked that the symbol will be given to me in a dream.
Sure enough, that night I had a weird dream and the symbol was given to me. It looked like this:

A few days later, I had another dream on how I should use the symbol. So I tried it and it worked. My friend, Riitta, has also tried using the symbol and she had a slightly different experience. We put both of our experiences together and developed a meditation that uses this symbol.

In the meditation a new energy flow is activated and spread across the body. For a long time, we didn’t know what this energy does. Until one day I taught the meditation to a friend of mine and she said that the Golden Lily energy has connected her to her genes – her DNA. I asked my Angelic Spirit Guide to teach me how to use the symbol and he called Angel Yechezkel (יחזקאל), who has taught me how to use the energy properly. After that I developed the meditation further and learned that by using the Golden Lily symbol, you can connect yourself to the energies of Adam, Eve and the seed of Humanity. You can also program you genes with your vision of the future!

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