Activating and programming your Merkaba light body

The Merkaba is an artificial geometric body that we can activate when we want to. This body is in the shape of a galaxy and its size is depended on our perception. If we can perceive/feel the whole universe, then we can enlarge our Merkaba so that it will contain the whole universe.

The Merkaba actually represents the way we perceive ourselves and the universe. This is how our perception limits the Merkaba: If we believe that we are multi dimensional beings, unhindered by time or space, then that is what will be and that is what our Markaba will be.

Since we are creators, and we can create what we want into our lives – The Merkaba will be a projection of our beliefs about our creation powers.

We can program the Merkaba using our logic, and then our Merkaba will be limited by our logic: If we will believe something is logical then the Merkaba will be able to do it.
If we believe that it isn’t logical – then our Merkaba will not be able to do it either.

This is why it’s better to program the Merkaba intuitively, using our feminine creative side. This way we avoid using our logical male side, and our Merkaba will be able to do anything, unhindered by time or space. The Merkaba will become an instrument, through which we can create the lives we want for our selves.

There are many ways to program our Merkaba. We can use letters, symbols, visions, and other expressions of the language of light, which is the real source of all the languages in the world. All these ways of programming are tied to our logical male side of the brain, and I don’t recommend using them unless you know really well what the symbols and the energies behind them mean. (The same thing goes to the Reiki healing method – if you use the reiki symbols, then you limit yourself into healing while using the logical male brain. It’s better to just connect to the Original Creator and to give it permission to channel through you all the energies the patient needs, without connecting the energy to a certain symbol.)

This why the Merkaba programming will work better if you will not limit your Merkaba and the way it works in any way. Give your Merkaba a vision or a some other thing that you want, and let your Merkaba make it come true without any predefined conditions from you.

For example, if you will tell your Merkaba to: bring me money so that I can have… You actually tell you Merkaba that you can get things only by using money. You also pass on to your Merkaba all your beliefs about money, such as: “You have to work hard to have money”. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. “My success is measured by how much money I have”. And other such limiting beliefs.

Activating your Merkaba

Sit comfortably and relax into the present moment.
Create a tube of light that will begin at the Original Creator, go through you and end in the heart of Mother Earth.

Send the Original Creator and Mother Earth, love, from your heart.
Feel how the Original Creator and Mother Earth send you there love back.
Unify the loves of the Original Creator and Mother Earth with your own love inside your heart chakra.
Ask all your different bodies to center themselves around the love in your heart chakra.
From this love draw the Flower of Infinity, exactly in the way shown bellow:

Draw the Flower so that every leaf starts from the love in the middle of your heart chakra and ends in it.

Once you have drawn the whole Flower – your Merkaba will be active.

Programming your Merkaba

It is best to program your Merkaba intuitively, by focusing your attention on it and giving it orders/requests.

For example, you can order your Merkaba to:
“Dear Merkaba, please heal me.”
“Dear Merkaba, please balance all my different bodies, between themselves.”

You can also make copies from your Merkaba and ask them to do things:
“Dear Merkaba, Please make a copy of yourself, position the copy around my house, balance all the energies inside and around the house, and bring endless abundance to all who live in the house so that they will always have everything they need.”

Or if you are more grandiose:
“Dear Merkaba, please make a huge copy of yourself, position that copy around the planet Earth, and bring healing and harmony to the planet and to all who live on/in it.”

Obviously all these copies will remain connected to you and you will feel the energies of the copies all the time. This is why I don’t recommend positioning your Merkaba around objects with “bad” energy…

You can also program your Merkaba for protection and for filtering energies:
“Dear Merkaba, please create a bubble of energy around, which will filter all the energies coming to me, so that the only energy the will pass through will be love.”

You can also connect yourself to places with your Merkaba:
“Dear Merkaba, please connect me to my soul and my inner guidance.”
“Dear Merkaba, please simplify all the messages that I receive from my soul so that I can understand them better.”

This is one of my favorite programs:
“Dear Merkaba, Please bring unlimited amounts of light, love, luck and joy of life into my life, so that I will always have everything that I need, when I need it.”

You can also combine your individual Merkaba bodies into one unified body, so that whatever you are doing will become stronger.
Seat in a circle and activate your individual Merkabas. When all the Merkabas are active, unify them into one big Merkaba. Just wish it to happen, and it will. If you feel that one of you doesn’t connect, it’s because he has an inner resistance somewhere. Ask the person to give his Merkaba permission to unify with all the rest of the Merkabas in the room. His Merkaba will unify as well, once it has permission.

When the Merkabas has unified themselves into one big Merkaba, you can give it a unified program such as:
“Dear unified Merkaba, please clean my whole Country and the Seas around it, and raise the vibrations the whole area. Please concentrate on the areas of my Country where there are war mongering people. Clean the energies so that peace, harmony, and spiritual and economic prosperity will come to the whole Country.”

You can also ask the Angels, the ascended Masters, your spiritual guides or the dolphins to join your unified Merkaba, and then let them guide your Merkaba in the best possible way, so as to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Once you have finished doing, whatever you wanted to do together, ask the Merkabas to split into individual Merkabas once again.

If you believe in time, your Merkaba will be active for 24-48 hours, after you have activated it. That is why it’s good to activate and program your Merkaba every day.
If you don’t believe in time, then your Merkaba was, is and always will be active… 🙂

I hope this will help you create the lives you want for yourselves, Arje Sakari Silander

10 thoughts on “Activating and programming your Merkaba light body

  1. thank you so much for the instruction. it is so simple but effective creation of the Merkaba.

  2. Very useful information this was conformation that I must continue doing what I am doing. -AYAH ASHER AYAH-

  3. Woaw thank you so much. I was looking for the right merkaba activation for a while and I think I found it … May the heavens the earth and all bring you blessings 🙏🌠🌟

  4. Just activated my merkaba today. Program
    4 intercellar travel. Traveling speed of light.
    Keep it simple. Remember to relax. Meditation mode. Eyes closed. Communication visually inside your mind.
    To safely return Open your eyes. Remember
    manifest spirtully anything is possible. Just b creative.

  5. Wow, this is exactly like what Metatron spoke to me last night, but then I didn’t understand all things and now you’ve clarified. Thank you so much. He did talk about a Silver light from one’s pelvis anchoring into the Earth and the Golden Light entering the crown, do you know anything about this detail (how the silver light and golden light work together)? And a Coil?
    Again, much gratitude for your shared guidance so we may all become who we truly are.

    1. Hei Janice,
      Thanks for your message. I haven’t heard about the silver and gold light before, So I tried them out. I asked my heart to connect me to the heart of Mother Earth. Than I asked Mother Earth to let me experience the Silver light. I felt the a stream of light coming from Mother Earth and into my heart. It felt very calming and grounding.
      A few hours later I also tried the Golden light. I asked my heart to connect me to the heart of the Sun. I then asked the Sun to let me experience the Golden Light. This time I couldn’t really tell if anything happened. So I guess that channel was already open for me.
      Then I asked my heart to combine the two streams of Silver and Gold inside my heart, and it felt like my Merkiva has activated. So that is another way of activating the Merkava/Merkiva.
      Thank you for the experience!
      Blessing, Arje

  6. Thank you! I can feel the resonance!
    Love and Blessings to you and all around this planet. I am happy for your presence in my world

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