The Golden Lily Meditation

In 2006 I went to a sacred geometry course in Ylöjärvi, Finland. My two friends and I drove there together and on the way, one of my friends said that in that course we will be given an important symbol.
Before the course I talked with the teacher Riitta, who is my good friend, and she told me that, the angels had told her, that the name of the symbol that we will be given is Shoshan. Shoshan (שושן) means Lily in Hebrew.
Riitta doesn’t know Hebrew…

During that course we meditated together but I could not see the symbol. We returned to Helsinki that night and before I went to sleep I asked that the symbol will be given to me in a dream.
Sure enough, that night I had a weird dream and the symbol was given to me. It looked like this:

A few days later, I had another dream on how I should use the symbol. So I tried it and it worked. My friend, Riitta, has also tried using the symbol and she had a slightly different experience. We put both of our experiences together and developed a meditation that uses this symbol.

In the meditation a new energy flow is activated and spread across the body. For a long time, we didn’t know what this energy does. Until one day I taught the meditation to a friend of mine and she said that the Golden Lily energy has connected her to her genes – her DNA. I asked my Angelic Spirit Guide to teach me how to use the symbol and he called Angel Yechezkel (יחזקאל), who has taught me how to use the energy properly. After that I developed the meditation further and learned that by using the Golden Lily symbol, you can connect yourself to the energies of Adam, Eve and the seed of Humanity. You can also program you genes with your vision of the future!

The Golden Lily Meditation – a short version

Sit in your favorite meditation position with your legs uncrossed and your hands resting on your thighs with the palms upwards. Put your hands in the Jesus mudra: your thumb and ring finger together. (See picture)

The rest of the fingers should not touch each other.
Relax your body and breathe slowly. Imagine the air entering through your nose and reaching down all the way to your root chakra.

Ask your soul to connect you, with a tube of light, to the creator and to the center of Mother Earth. So that the tube will begin at the Creator, go through you and end in the center of Mother Earth.
Send love, from you heart: to the Creator, to Mother Earth and to the whole of Humanity. If there is someone you dislike – send him/her love as well.
Now feel how the Creator and Mother Earth send you their love. Unite their love with your own love inside your heart. Out of this unified love, a ball of light and love grows inside your ribcage. Love flows from this ball of light and fills all of you with love.
Once you are completely filled with love, the love flows out of you, with each breath, and surrounds you with love as well.

When you are filled with love from within and without, imagine three golden Lily stems growing from the golden sphere of love in your chest. As the stems grow, they entwine around each other like DNA coils.

The first Golden Lily stem grows to your crown chakra, where its golden petals open.
The second Golden Lily grows out of you third eye chakra, where its petals open as well.
The third Golden Lily grows out of the back of your head, where its petals open as well.

Imagine how the three blossoming lily flowers catch God’s love from above.
See how this love flows into your heart center, making it stronger and even fuller with love.

Now start growing lilies everywhere in your body: to your eyes, to your nose, to your mouth and ears, to your neck, to your arms and elbows, to your lungs, to your stomach, to your legs, everywhere.
Each time the lilies reach your skin, imagine their petals opening up.
Imagine yourself covered with golden flowers, inside and out!
Enjoy yourself!

Concentrate back on the Golden Lily energy you have activated.
Create a vision in your mind where Humanity is beautiful and perfect, Mother Earth is beautiful and perfect and they both live together in perfect harmony.

Once enough of us will share this same vision – it will become true for the whole of Humanity!

Ask the Golden Lily energy to pass your vision to your genes, your DNA, and to change your reality so that your vision will become true, both in you and outside of you.

Once you have conveyed your vision to your genes, decide that it is so and trust that it will happen.
Thank the Creator, Mother Earth, the Seed of Humanity and your ancestors for the love and help they have given you, and will give you in the future.

Now try to meditate for 15 minutes everyday. Just quiet your mind, accept yourself and everything else, and just become a receiver for the Creator’s energy. During this time of receptiveness, The Creator will give you everything you wish for.

I hope this meditation will bring love and light to your life and will help you change yourself and become who you want to be!

Love and light to you all, Arje Sakari Silander

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  1. Hello,
    I just got out of a meditation and I was given something similar to this symbol. I was also introduced to an Angel called Lily with golden long hair. She represented to me an angel of confidence which I am working on increasing my confidence level. This connection to the light is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!! Many Blessings to you!

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