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The Kalevala nature body DNA activation

A few weeks ago, I participated in a spiritual happening in the city of Kotka, which lays on the eastern shore of Finland. The happening was organised by my friend Mikko Taskinen and was focused on the Kalevala, which is a collection of old Finnish shamanistic poems. During the happening, the characters from the Kalevala were channelled to the audience. It was then that I received a message from my inner guidance that the Kalevala contains light codes that can activate your DNA.

I told the audience about the guidance I received and suggested that we can activate the our DNA with the light codes hidden in the Kalevala. Everybody got excited about the idea and so we activated our DNA, by using the Kalevala light codes.

A few days later I noticed that a new light body has been activated in me. After examining it for a while I noticed that by using the new body I could communicate with the Earth spirits. I also knew where the power places are in nature and I knew how I can clean them. I understood that all this knowledge has been opened in me through the light codes of the Kalevala.

Because I could connect with nature through this new light body, I decided to call the new body the Kalevala nature body.

A few more days has passed. I went to the nature park near my home, sat in my favourite meditation spot and called Mother Earth and her spirits to come and teach me how to use my new nature body and how to heal it. The Earth and Water spirits came to meet me and taught me what I needed to know.

These are their teachings.

First a warning:
The next activation will change you, so if you do not want to change, please don’t do this activation. This activation will also bring your Kalevala magician powers back to you and you will remember how to do magic once again. As you probably already know, each one of us has a free will. When you force someone to do something he doesn’t want to do – you create karma and bad luck for yourself. That is why it’s important to use your new magical powers in a responsible and considerate way for the benefit of all of humankind and not for selfish reasons.

The Kalevala DNA activation

Sit in a comfortable position, breath deeply into your stomach and relax.
Create a tube of light that starts at the original Creator (inside of you), goes through your heart and ends in the fifth dimensional heart of Mother Earth.
Send love to the Creator and Mother Earth and feel how a stream of love is sent back to you from them.
Unify the love energies of the original Creator, Mother Earth and yourself into one unified love.
From this unified love, a ball of love is created inside your chest area. The ball of love starts to grow inside of you until it fills you up completely. The ball of love then keeps on growing until you are completely surrounded by love from all sides.

This love will protect you during the activation process.

Now concentrate back on the unified love inside your heart centre. From this unified love, grow three stems of golden lilies. The stems of the golden lilies wrap around each other as they grow upwards towards your head.
Once the lilies reach your head, the first lily comes out of the top of your head and a golden lily flower opens up.
A second Lily comes out of your third eye and a second golden lily flower opens up.
The third lily comes out from the back of your head (the back of your third eye chakra) and a third golden lily flower opens up.

Now Golden lilies start growing everywhere in your body: your arms, legs, torso, everywhere.
Every time the lilies pass through your skin, golden lily flowers open up.
You are soon covered with flowers.

Now grow lilies to all of your other bodies as well: your emotional, mental and etheric bodies and finally to your Merkaba light body as well.

Now that the lilies are every where in you, you are in genetic programming mode. You can now program your DNA as you want to.

Ask your High Self to bring you the light codes of the Kalevala.
Move the light codes from your sacred heart centre to your physical heart and to your liver. (These are the two sides of your heart chakra).
Now quickly duplicate the Kalevala light codes in your liver and your physical heart until there are as many as light codes as there are DNA strands in your body.
Ignite the light code with the fire of love inside your physical heart and inside your liver.
Now spread the fire of the light codes from your physical heart to all your cells and from your liver to all your glands. Ask the light codes to activate your sleeping DNA strands.
When you feel that the fire of the light codes is everywhere, send it to all your other bodies as well: your emotional, mental and Merkaba light bodies.

Once the fire is everywhere, know that you have now activated your Kalevala nature body.

You can now decide that the DNA programming process is over and thank Mother Earth and the original Creator for their help.

Healing your Kalevala nature body

I have already helped thousands of people to activate their nature bodies and it seems as though the nature bodies come in four colours: light green, light blue, purple/red and light yellow. My nature body is light blue which is not really surprising since I’m a cancer in my horoscope, which is a water element sign. So it looks like the colour of your nature body reflects the element which is the strongest in you: Earth, Water, Fire or Wind.

You can heal your nature body like this:

Focus on your heart centre and ask your true vibration to start inside your heart. This is the vibration of your truth, which is unique to you. Let your true vibration spread from your heart centre to your whole energy system: all the chakras, in your torso and in your arms and legs as well. Once the vibration is everywhere in your body, ask it to transform all the vibrations, which are not true – to your truth. Once you physical body is vibrating with your truth, pass your true vibration to your mental and emotional bodies as well. Transform these bodies as well, with your true vibration.
Finally spread your true vibration to your nature body as well.

Try to sense what colour is your nature body. Try to sense its shape and form around you.
Now stretch your nature body downwards, all the way to the heart of Mother Earth in the fifth dimension and permanently attach yourself to Mother Earth through your nature body.

Now send your true vibration to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth now knows, who you really are and she can heal you with your own true vibration.
Ask Mother Earth to heal you by using your true vibration.

Now write your whole original name in the air in front of you, in the letters of your mother’s tongue.
Ask your High Self to transform the letters, into letters of light/fire.
Send love to the letters of your name and see how they start to burn with love.
Now insert the burning letters of your name into your body through your crown chakra and let the fire of your name spread to all your bodies. Ask the fire to remove from you everything which does not belong to this life, to this incarnation.
Once the fire of your name has removed everything that doesn’t belong to you in this life, send the fire of your name to the heart of Mother Earth through your nature body.
Mother Earth now knows you by your name.
You are now good friends.

Now ask Mother Earth to send the fire letter of her name to your heart centre.
You now know the true name of mother Earth.
You are now good friends.
(You can do the same with the original Creator as well if you want to know its real name..)

How to use the Kalevala nature body

This part is best done in your favourite place outside in nature.

Concentrate on your nature body and find a tree in your surroundings that you like. Sense the energy field of the tree with your nature body. Send love to the tree and ask the tree to give you an advice.
Remember this advice.

Concentrate on your nature body and find an animal near you. Send love to the animal and ask the animal to give you an advice.
Remember this advice as well.

Call the elementals (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire) and ask them to come to you one by one. Feel their energies by using your nature body and ask them to tell you their secret. Ask them to help you and give you an advice.
Remember the advices.

Now extend your nature body so that it is a few kilometres around you in each direction and sense the area around you. Where are the power places in your area? What are their condition? Do they need a cleaning? Can you perhaps clean the power places with the help of the elementals?

When the power places in the area where you live are clean, nature will flourish, the weather will improve and everyone living in the area will feel better.

The Kalevala nature body diet

Go into a place in nature which is close to a food store. Sit in nature, relax, connect to Mother Earth and activate your nature body so that you feel it strongly around you.
Now go inside the food store and try to sense the energies in the place.
Sense the food in the place. Which food is full of energy? Which food is already “dead”? What does your nature body tells you to eat?

If you need any help with this activation or with communicating with nature and Mother Earth, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly help you if I can.

Love and Light, Arje Sakari Silander, Mother Earth’s good friend… 🙂

Crossing the inner Sea and becoming Endless

Inside the Old Testament there are many clues about how our light bodies are structured. If we read the description for the blue print of the temple of Solomon, we will notice that God designed it to be built in the shape of a man: two legs (Boaz and Yachin), two arms, five fingers in every hand, and the Dvir (the holy of holies) which is located in the area of the chest. God wanted to remind us that we are the temple, inside which His light shines.

This site, shows amazing graphics of the temple, and it shows how the temple of Solomon was created in the shape of the human body. I recommend that you go to this site and have a look for your selves, before you continue on reading.

Since Solomon’s Temple was built in the shape of a human body, it means that each one of us contains inside him or her self a Divine, a Holy place, where we can commute with our inner God. The word Dvir (דביר) itself is from the root DVR (דבר), which means “to speak”. The word Dvir also contains the Hebrew letter Yod (י), which is often used as a short form of the word signifying God in Hebrew, Jehovah (יהוה). Together they mean ”to speak with God” (דבר י).

In my opinion, the pictures on the site are not entirely correct. The Dvir is located in our chest area and not in our heads, as the site suggests. That is why I made a new version of the Temple Man, which shows where the Holy of Holies is really located. Notice the smile you will also have, once you have entered the Dvir of your own body… : )

According to the Old Testament, Solomon’s Temple had a Menorah inside of it. The Menorah is supposed to be a candle holder for seven candles. If we’ll examine the structure of the Menorah closely, we will see that it is in fact a representation of our chakra system, which also shows the balancing principle behind it.

It’s a bit hard to see it at first, but once we turn the Menorah 90 degrees to the left, everything becomes much clearer.

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The Golden Lily Meditation

In 2006 I went to a sacred geometry course in Ylöjärvi, Finland. My two friends and I drove there together and on the way, one of my friends said that in that course we will be given an important symbol.
Before the course I talked with the teacher Riitta, who is my good friend, and she told me that, the angels had told her, that the name of the symbol that we will be given is Shoshan. Shoshan (שושן) means Lily in Hebrew.
Riitta doesn’t know Hebrew…

During that course we meditated together but I could not see the symbol. We returned to Helsinki that night and before I went to sleep I asked that the symbol will be given to me in a dream.
Sure enough, that night I had a weird dream and the symbol was given to me. It looked like this:

A few days later, I had another dream on how I should use the symbol. So I tried it and it worked. My friend, Riitta, has also tried using the symbol and she had a slightly different experience. We put both of our experiences together and developed a meditation that uses this symbol.

In the meditation a new energy flow is activated and spread across the body. For a long time, we didn’t know what this energy does. Until one day I taught the meditation to a friend of mine and she said that the Golden Lily energy has connected her to her genes – her DNA. I asked my Angelic Spirit Guide to teach me how to use the symbol and he called Angel Yechezkel (יחזקאל), who has taught me how to use the energy properly. After that I developed the meditation further and learned that by using the Golden Lily symbol, you can connect yourself to the energies of Adam, Eve and the seed of Humanity. You can also program you genes with your vision of the future!

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Activating your 5th dimensional light body

As you probably already know, the unified consciousness that is Mother Earth is raising from the third to the fifth dimension. Right now we are somewhere in the fourth dimension.

This process is both global and personal. Each one of us is experiencing the same process on individual level, and once enough of us have risen to the fifth dimension, the whole unified consciousness will raise too.

Since we are all a very long way into the process, we can activate our fifth dimensional light bodies right now, if we want to. You can activate your fifth dimension light body with the following meditation, which is based on the Golden Lily meditation.

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