Crossing the inner Sea and becoming Endless

Inside the Old Testament there are many clues about how our light bodies are structured. If we read the description for the blue print of the temple of Solomon, we will notice that God designed it to be built in the shape of a man: two legs (Boaz and Yachin), two arms, five fingers in every hand, and the Dvir (the holy of holies) which is located in the area of the chest. God wanted to remind us that we are the temple, inside which His light shines.

This site, shows amazing graphics of the temple, and it shows how the temple of Solomon was created in the shape of the human body. I recommend that you go to this site and have a look for your selves, before you continue on reading.

Since Solomon’s Temple was built in the shape of a human body, it means that each one of us contains inside him or her self a Divine, a Holy place, where we can commute with our inner God. The word Dvir (דביר) itself is from the root DVR (דבר), which means “to speak”. The word Dvir also contains the Hebrew letter Yod (י), which is often used as a short form of the word signifying God in Hebrew, Jehovah (יהוה). Together they mean ”to speak with God” (דבר י).

In my opinion, the pictures on the site are not entirely correct. The Dvir is located in our chest area and not in our heads, as the site suggests. That is why I made a new version of the Temple Man, which shows where the Holy of Holies is really located. Notice the smile you will also have, once you have entered the Dvir of your own body… : )

According to the Old Testament, Solomon’s Temple had a Menorah inside of it. The Menorah is supposed to be a candle holder for seven candles. If we’ll examine the structure of the Menorah closely, we will see that it is in fact a representation of our chakra system, which also shows the balancing principle behind it.

It’s a bit hard to see it at first, but once we turn the Menorah 90 degrees to the left, everything becomes much clearer.

The Heart chakra is situated in the middle of our energy system and through it all the other chakras balance themselves out.

The Throat chakra balances the Solar Plexus chakra:
Through the Solar Plexus chakra we interact with other living beings around us. The emotions that we have towards them are processed in this chakra.
Through the Throat chakra we express ourselves and our emotions so that other living beings can understand us.
The emotional energy in the Solar Plexus chakra that we receive and give, to other people, can be expressed out by the throat chakra. Thus the two chakras balance each other out.

The Third Eye chakra balances the Sacral chakra:
The Sacral chakra connects us to our primitive urges such as fear, hate, sexual attraction, shame, worries etc.
Through the Third Eye chakra we can see and discern the energies around us, both low and high. We can then differentiate those energies and interact with the world around us from a deeper inner knowledge.
Using the Third Eye chakra, we can identify the different urges and emotions that we have towards ourselves and others, and once we have identified these urges, the emotional energy can be moved to the Solar Plexus, where it can be balanced via the throat Chakra.

The Crown chakra balances the Base chakra:
The Base chakra connects us to our physical existence and to our bodily urges of physical survival.
The Crown Chakra connects us to our spiritual existence and to our Divine knowledge of spiritual oneness.
The Crown chakra and Base chakra thus balance our highest (spiritual) and lowest (physical) needs together, so that we can act from both perspectives.

If we’ll further examine the Menorah, we will notice that the Heart chakra extends all the way to the base of our being, to our Divine selves. Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, our connection to out true selves is not very good, it is very thin.

The code name for our unified light bodies is “Israel”. This means that every time Israel is mentioned in the Old Testament, it actually refers to us, to our light bodies.
For example when it says in the bible, “Israel” has conquered the “Holy Land”, it means that our light bodies have finally been able to reach Divine guidance.

Since “Israel” is made from twelve tribes, twelve parts, and we know that our Physical, lower chakra system is made from seven chakras, we can assume, that we have five other chakras hidden somewhere.

Almost every spiritual tradition has descriptions of those hidden chakras. The most simple and clear example can be found here: Summit Lighthouse. I made my own version of the hidden chakras:

In the picture the hidden chakras are placed above us.
The Golden Heart represents our Eighth chakra.
The Golden Buddha (or Jesus) represents our Ninth chakra.
The Dove represents our Tenth chakra.
The Moon Face represents our Eleventh chakra.
The Funnel of Divine Energy represents our Twelfth chakra.

As you have probably heard before, from many other teachers, the whole universe is in inside us. The pineal gland functions as a two way mirror, through which all that we can see inside of us, looks as though it is outside of us as well.

This means that those hidden chakras, are not really above us, they are inside of us.

If you will meditate, and examine your energy system you will see that it is made from layers upon layers of energy. Every chakra can be thought of as an energy layer as well:

We are made from seven outer layers that correspond to the seven physical chakras, after which there is an inner space. In the middle of the inner space, the five hidden chakras are located.

This inner space, which separates our seven physical chakras from our five hidden layers/chakras, has many names: The Micro Cosmos, The Inner Sea, The Sea at the End of the World, or as it is mentioned in the Old Testament: the Red Sea. This is the Sea that Moses has split so that “Israel” could enter the “Holy Land”… 🙂

In the Hebrew version of the bible the sea is called the Reed Sea, Yam Suf (ים סוּף).

The word Suf (סוף) is spelled the same way as the word Sof (סוף), which means “end”. This is what our inner Sea should really be called: The End Sea. It is the place where we think we end.

Let’s take the word Sof (end) and examine each letter separately:

The first letter, Samech (ס) is like a circle. A circle signifies emotional energy, but it is also a sort of a round barrier that separates us from the world around us.

The second letter Vav (ו) is like a line which divides different energies from interacting with each other.

The third Letter (פ) is like a creational spiral that goes on forever. An Endless Spiral.

Thus the word SOF (סופ), means two energies, emotional and creational separated by a dividing line. That dividing line is the Inner End Sea.
Now let’s take the word SOF.

Turn it ninety degrees:

And put it on our energy (chakra) system.

As we can see, the hidden chakras are separated from the physical chakras by a black line, by the Inner Sea, the End Sea. Since the circle symbolizes emotional energy, it looks as though we are stuck inside some sort of emotional energy. Fear, perhaps? 🙂

When we put the word Sof on the Menorah:

We see the separation again.

Circle in Hebrew is “Igul” (עִגֹל), which is spelled the same way as the word “calf”, Egel (עֵגֵל).
This is the golden “calf”, the golden circle that “Israel” has created and worshiped, when Moses was receiving the “Ten Commandments” on top of the Sinai Mountain.

You might ask yourself: What did Moses really receive on top of the Sinai Mountain, and who Moses really was?

The Ten Commandments are a metaphor for our five hidden chakras, Two light codes for each chakra/layer. During the Mount Sinai incident, what really happened is that “Israel” received instructions on how to access their five inner chakras. Instructions on how “Israel” can reconnect back to God.

Who was Moses then?
As you might know already, Moses never actually entered the “Holy Land”. He remained in the wrong side of the End Sea, and died there.

Why hasn’t Moses entered the “Holy Land”?
According to the bible Moses got mad and hit a rock with a stick, and then God punished him to never enter the “Holy Land”. Obviously this story can’t be true, because God do not judge anyone.

What really happened is that Moses got “Mad”, he returned to the emotional circle, where he was stuck, and then he judged himself not worthy of entering the “Holy Land”.

The story of Moses is suspiciously close to our story: We live in our lower chakras, in the emotional circle. We judge ourselves to be not worthy of God. And we are stuck on the wrong side of the Sea that leads to the “Holy Land”.

We are Moses.
Each one of us is Moses, and each one of us must cross his “End Sea”, and enter his “Holy Land”.

We already know what the normal chakras are about, so let’s explore the hidden chakras in more detail:

The first inner layer/chakra (the Eighth chakra) is the Moses chakra. “Moses” has split The “End Sea” and brought “Israel”, back to the “Holy Land”.
This is basically what the eighth chakra does. It acts as a gateway between your seven physical chakras and the five hidden chakras. It transmutes high energy into lower energy and low energy into higher energy. It is a sort of energy encoder that transmutes low and high vibrations, so that they can understand each other. The Eighth chakra will automatically activate, once you have achieved a certain level of high vibration, and connect you to your Divine Self.

The ninth layer/chakra is the Jesus Chakra. Jesus walked on the water of The “End Sea” and connected us back to our internal healer and listener. The ninth chakra is the chakra of endless Divine Love to all there is and to your self. Through this chakra, endless amounts of love can be accessed and harnessed. This chakra will also transform all that is back into love, so that only love will reach the 3 highest chakras.

The tenth layer/chakra is the chakra of the Holy Spirit, or in Hebrew, the Shchina (שכינה). This is the chakra of listening, receiving and self healing. When we concentrate our attention on it, we can become a receptacle of inner guidance and Divine healing energy. This is the layer where I am at the moment, so I can channel this information for you, from my Divine Self.

The Eleventh layer/chakra is the layer of our True Self; the layer of our Soul; our Inner Guidance; our Divine Self. When we concentrate on this layer, we become one with our true selves. When we act from this layer, our acts are Divine. In this layer you are true to yourself and act out of compassion and understanding of all there is. All is one.

The Twelfth layer/chakra is the Layer of the Divine light and love, which is within all of us. This is the Inner Creator’s layer, and while you are focused on this layer you will act with divine calmness and patience. You can expand this layer so that you become completely surrounded by the vibration of the Creator. Then your life will become a life of love and light, where you and everyone around you will bask in the glory of synchronous creation… 🙂

As you can see from all the pictures, at the moment, we are not really connected to our inner selves, to our inner guidance. The Inner End Sea separates us from our true selves.

It is said that in the Jewish tale of Passover (Passover Hagada – הגדת פסח), that in every generation, each one of us must see himself as though we are part of the exodus from Egypt.

The reason for this saying is that all our incarnations happen in parallel (at the same time, but on different space continuums). Each one of us is Moses, and we are still stuck in Egypt, on the shores of our Inner End Sea. Each one of us must cross the Inner Sea and become whole again. Now!

Now that you know what the problem is, you can connect back to your Divine self and remove the End Sea from within you and once again become Endless, infinite.

No End Sea = Endless.

This is what your energy system will look like once you have removed your Inner Sea, and unified your Seven physical chakras together with your five hidden chakras:


Meditation for becoming Endless:


Read the Song of the Sea, It contains genetic codes for becoming endless again.

Then I recommend meditating and examining yourself, through your inner vision.
Ask your soul to protect you and create a field of love around you that will separate you from the rest of the physical world for a while.

In your inner vision, go outside of your body, turn around and then enter yourself from the front of you, in the same level as your heart chakra.

Go past the seven physical layers and enter your Inner space, your Inner End Sea.
Look around and notice that the whole of creation is inside of you.
In the middle of the inner Sea there is a Sun, a Star.
Ask This Star to come closer to you.
You can not go towards your Star; you must become passive and wait until your Star comes to you. It will come closer, if you’ll ask it to come closer and wait patiently.
Once the Star is near you, enter it.
Enter the first layer of energy and try to feel it. What does it feels like to you?
Go deeper, to the second layer of energy, how does this layer of energy feels to you?
Go on even deeper to the third layer. In this layer, try to become totally passive and listen for your inner guidance.
Go to the fourth layer, the layer of your Divine Self. Welcome back home!
Finally go to the innermost layer, the layer of the Divine Creator’s light.
Fill your whole body with this light and let it expand even further, so that you are completely surrounded by the Creator’s light. You are inside a ball of light and love.

Becoming Endless

When you are completely surrounded by the Inner Creator’s light, ask your Inner Creator to help you shrink your Inner Sea.
Now begin shrinking your Inner Sea until it completely disappears.
Feel how the five hidden chakras expand and fill you up completely, until they become united with the seven physical chakras.
Ask the Inner Creator to Seal the reunification with its Light and Love.
Give the Inner Creator permission to remove all the energies that contradict your new state of inner unification.

Genetic Programming for becoming endless

Grow three golden Lily stems from your inner most layer, from the Divine love of the Inner Creator. Grow the golden stems upwards, toward your head. See how the stems entwine around each other as they grow upwards.
Once the stems have reached your head, the first one exits your skin through the top of your head, and a golden Lily flower opens up.
The second one comes out of your third eye and another Golden Lily Flower opens up.
The third stem comes out of the back of your head and a third Golden Lily flower opens up.

Golden Lilies now start growing every where inside your bodies: your torso, your hands, your feet, your back, your head, everywhere. Every time the stems go out through your skin, Golden Lily flowers open up.
You are soon covered with Golden flowers

You are now in Genetic Programming Mode.

You can now program your genes as you wish to.

First we need to synchronize ourselves with the Original Creator’s will.
Ask your soul to download “The Light Codes with the Name of the Original Creator”.
Guide the Light Codes into your physical heart.
Ask the Light Codes to quickly multiply themselves, until they are as many as the DNA strands in your body.
Once the Light Codes has multiplied themselves, guide them through your blood system, into each of your cells.
Ask the Light Codes to bring the Original Creator’s light into each of the cells and to align all the cells with His will.

Now that we are aligned with The Original Creator’s vibration, let’s program ourselves to be endless:
Ask your Soul to download “The Light Codes of the Song of the Sea” into your body.

Guide the Light Codes into your physical hearts.
Ask the Light Codes to quickly duplicate themselves to the number of DNA strands in your body.
Guide the Light Codes, from your heart, to your blood, and through your blood into each one of your cells.
Ask the Light Codes to reprogram each one of your cells.

Now give the Inner Creator permission to remove from you all the genetic programs that are in conflict with the new program.

That’s it.

Congratulations! You are now whole and endless.

Love and light, Arje Sakari Silander

4 thoughts on “Crossing the inner Sea and becoming Endless

  1. I can go a step further and say that none of the biblical stories ever happened nor did Moses ever exist… these stories are 100% pure allegory and reflects what goes on inside the body during higher states of consciousness…. Israel was never meant to be a piece of real estate, rather it lies in us and always lied in us….

    1. Well, I believe that although the bible is full of allegory and inner reflections, most of the stories are based on local mythologies. For example the story of Mordecai and Esther is based on the Babylonian Marduk and Ishtar. The story of the flood is also based on the Babylonian myth of the reversal of the magnetic poles. etc.
      About Moses, according to the book Secrets of the exodus – by Messod and Roger Sabbah, Moses was actually the Pharaoh Ramses the first. Abraham was Pharaoh Akhnaton and Sara was Nefertiti…

  2. If Moses was the one representing the little me, maybe he should have stayed on this side of the sea, he couldn’t have crossed in that state anyway. He was the one who had to die before he died. While still being Moses symbolizes not being able to cross the sea, perhaps the fact that Moses is dead may also symbolize the little me being able to go beyond by dying. If the 5 beyond the 7 is not only above, but also inside the sacred place; It can also be assumed that going from the throat to the heart is synonymous with moving up. Moreover, the Daath (Death)-Abyss that will be crossed while making this journey perhaps symbolizes the red sea that will be split. Dying before dying means being able to split that sea! Who really was the iconic person of the 5th? 🙂

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