Reunification of the Crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis

At the 22 of September 2009, I got a phone call from my friend, “Blue”. She told me that her friend from Estonia has come to visit her and asked me if I’d like to come and meditate with them. She said her intuition has told her to call me.

When we gathered at Blue’s house, none of us knew what we were going to do together. Blue mentioned that her friend, “Red”, used to be a Lemurian, in a previous life. I knew that Blue and I were ex Atlantians. The minute she mentioned her friend’s origin I knew what we should do: unite the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis. I also suddenly knew that Red was an ex Lemuria priestess and that Blue was an ex Atlantian priestess.

As many of you know, mother Earth has moved into the Crystal energy era on 9.9.09. It was time to unite the male and female energies of the crystal network.

We called upon the Lemurian and Atlantian priestesses and asked them to join us in the meditation, and help us and protect us from harm. Then we went on two separate trips: Red went to the Lemurian temple and connected her heart to the Lemurian crystal energy. Blue went to the Atlantian temple and connected her heart to the Atlantian crystal energy. Then they connected their hearts together and joined the two Crystal energies into one. They then sent the unified energy to all of Humanity until the Atlantian and Lemurian energy nets became aligned and unified into one net.

Blue said that two energy spirals has started in her and that the spirals has unified the right and the left side of her brain into one. I felt the same effect in my body as well.

A week later we met again and meditated again. This time we did some shamanic traveling together. When I returned home that night I didn’t feel well. I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a huge pain in my abdominal area and new memories from my life in Atlantis.

for a few years now, I knew that I was the commander of the Atlantian army and hence also member of the ruling council of Atlantis. Our decisions in the council have led directly to the fall of Atlantis. I have made my peace with that part of my life.

That night, more memories from my time in Atlantis has surfaced: I remembered how we fought a war against Lemuria. I remembered how the Lemurians has killed my son, who was a soldier as well. I remembered how I went on a personal revenge trip against the Lemurians. I remembered how the Atlantian crack divisions has landed in Lemuria and destroyed it. I remembered how we found out that destroying the Lemurians meant that planet Earth has lost her energetic balance and that because of that Atlantis will be destroyed as well. I remembered that we organized a massive evacuation of Atlantis and tried to save as many people as we could. My last memory is standing on a deck of a ship and watching my beloved Atlantis ink in a hail of Volcano eruptions.

I understood that the pain in my stomach was due to my Atlantian karma, which has finally been completed and the energy is now coming out. In my life in Atlantis I helped divide and separate Atlantis and Lemuria and now, thousands of years later, I was lucky enough to help unite the two energies back into one.

I called upon the whole universe to help me with the pain in my stomach. I asked the Lemurians and Atlantians to forgive me what I have done. I also forgave them all that they have done to me. I heard a thought in my head saying: “We forgive you”. Tears came out of my eyes and I started crying. I cried and cried and cried. I cried the whole of next day. By evening I was in a state of shock, so I sent an SMS to Blue and asked her to send me some energy. She did and I felt a bit better and fell a sleep for a while. When I woke up I felt very detached from myself. I then saw two Lemurian masters who told me to call upon the Elohim Angels and tell them that I learned all that I could through pain and to ask them to remove the pain and the energy that was causing the pain. I did as they suggested and The Elohim Angels as removed the pain and the energy.

A meditation for uniting the Lemurian and Atlantian Crystals in your heart

If you would like to unite the crystal energies of Atlantis and Lemuria in your heart, you could try this meditation:

  • Ask your soul to connect you to the Creator and to Mother Earth with a light tube.
  • Feel the love of the Creator and Mother Earth in your heart, and unite them into one with your own love.
  • Breathe this unified love until you filled with love both within and without. This love will protect you from all harm.
  • Call upon the Atlantian and Lemurian priestesses to help you and protect you in your meditation.
  • Go on two separate trips to the Lemurian and Atlantian temples.
    • The Atlantian temple is in the bottom of the Atlantian Ocean. It is in the shape of a white pyramid. Go inside the pyramid, there is a crystal there. Ask the Crystal to open itself up for you. Go inside the Crystal and ask it to connect its energies to your heart. It will.
    • The Lemurian temple is in the shape of an Indian Tipi tent. Open the huge doors and go inside. Inside the temple there is a crystal. Pick it up in your hands and ask the Crystal to connect itself to your heart.
    • Once your heart is connected to both Crystals, bring those two energies together and unite them into one inside your heart.
  • Ask the unified Crystal energy to harmonize and unite both parts of your brain into one, to heal you and harmonize you.
  • Lastly you can also send this energy to whoever needs it. Ask your soul to send this energy to all your acquaintances and through them to all their acquaintances and from them onwards until the whole of humanity has received it.
  • Before you finish, don’t forget to thank the Creator, Mother Earth and the Lemurian and Atlantian priestesses who have helped you with the meditation.

This meditation might jump start the removal of your Atlantian/Lemurian karma. If it does, ask your Higher Self to help you. Ask forgiveness from all the Lemurian and Atlantians you have hurt. Give forgiveness to all the Atlantians and Lemurians who have hurt you and ask your High Self to remove your karma.

If you need help with the meditation, please contact me, I will gladly help you if I can.

Yours, Reuel

One thought on “Reunification of the Crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis

  1. Wow what great insight and information. Several years ago in meditation I was told
    that my father was an Atlantian in the past and my mother a Lemurian. And this
    lifetime was for them to end the off balanced karma. At the time it didnt make much
    sense to me. My father passed away last night, and in this mornings meditation I felt
    that their karma was complete as well as both civilazations. So thankyou very much for your encouraging message on the crystals and the Atl-Lemuria connection. Your message supports my intuition. God Bless

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