Sun discs – how to activate and use them

A few weeks ago, I was asked to release all I know about the sun-discs to everybody, so that other people would be able to activate their sun-discs and use them for the good of all mankind. So here we go…

A Mayan sun disc.
An Egyptian sun disc.

At around 2010, two ladies approached me and asked me if I can help them activate their sun-discs. We scheduled a meeting and activated our sun-discs together. They told me that they have received their sun-discs in a previous life in Egypt. When we started investigating the sun-discs together, I noticed that I also have a sun-disc, although I received my sun disc in a previous life as a Mayan sun-priest. My sun-disc was a bit rusty, because it wasn’t used for hundreds of years. Still it shined in gold.

A rusty sun-disc.

Together then we meditated with the sun-discs and each one of us asked their soul to help activate the discs. We received guidance, from our souls, that we should allow our hearts to unite with the sun-discs, so we did as we were guided and the sun-discs activated.

An active sun-disc.

After that each one of us received a small key from our souls, with which we could “open” the sun-discs. Once opened, the sun-discs became multi-dimensional. Twelve layers appeared in the sun-discs, and they connected with our DNA.

An “open” sun-disc, showing the twelve layers of the sun-disc connected to the DNA.

As Kryon has channeled, the key to paradise is in our genes: EDEN = DNA. So, when we activate our DNA, our path to the inner garden of Eden is opened for us. That was what it felt like, when I opened my sun-disc, that I am now closer to paradise.

I remember that after the activation, my energy levels became higher and that my aura became bigger. I understood that I can now work as a relay between The Sun and Mother Earth. I can now help Mother Earth further develop, with the help of the information I can now receive from the Sun. We received many new insights in the months that followed:

We noticed that there are many natural Sun-portals around the world, and we began activating and cleaning them. We noticed that in each portal there are twelve layers, and once we have cleaned one layer, we could progress to a deeper layer and clean that as well.

A Sun-portal (viewed from above).

It felt like while we are cleaning the sun portals, we became “cleaner” ourselves. The pinnacle came when Mother Earth allowed us to open an old, clogged up Sun-portal, here in Finland. Once we opened it, it felt like light began flowing from the Sun to our country. Like the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) in Lapland. After we have opened the Finnish Sun portal, we received instructions from Mother Earth to open the rest of the Sun portals around the Earth.

I traveled all the way to Mexico, to the Sun pyramid, for that on the November 2011.

Near the Sun pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico 11.11.2011.

At 11.11.2011 I arrived at the Sun pyramid, at Teotihuacán, Mexico. During the trip to Mexico, I felt like I’m under protection. Anywhere I went, people helped me and made me feel safe and welcome. Once I arrived at Teotihuacan, I climbed to the top of the Sun pyramid and started meditating. There were hundreds of people on the pyramid already meditating while the Mayan people of Mexico held a drumming circle at the bottom of the pyramid.

A Mayan drumming circle at the bottom of the sun pyramid 11.11.2011

I started meditating and felt like there were thousands of people around the world helping me with this task. I felt the presence of sun-spirits, Angels and spirit guides. I even felt the presence of Kryon, from the magnetic services.

Once I was in a deep meditative state, I felt like I’m a part of a web of thousands of people, all connected together all over the planet, and together we opened the sun portals on the north and south poles and activated them. Once the portals became balanced, we opened five more sun portals around the equator. Because the pole-portals were activated first, the beings from the magnetic service were able to use them to balance the system out, so that the magnetic poles would not reverse. And thus a new era has safely begun!

The Earth, with seven active sun portals: the north and south poles + five portals around the equator.

That is how we helped prepare the planet for the new age, that began on 2012…

How to activate your Sun-disc

Your sun-disc will become known to you, if your soul decides that it is needed for your journey. I don’t know if it is possible to receive them without a good reason, but you can always ask your soul and Mother Earth to receive a Sun-disc for yourself.

Once you have received a Sun-disc, try meditating with it and asking your heart consciousness to connect it to you. Once your heart consciousness is connected to your sun-disc, ask your heart consciousness to activate the sun-disc for you and connect it to the twelve layers of your DNA.

(I remember that activating the twelve strands of my DNA was a very long process. We meditated together and made many meditative journeys around the world and in each journey, we received a new DNA strand, until we received and activated all our DNA strands. Most of the strands were somehow connected to different metals: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Carbon, Platinum, Iron, etc. I recommend reading the Kryon book on the twelve layers of the DNA before activating your sun-disc.)

Kryon book – The twelve layers of DNA.

Once your Sun-disc has been connected to your DNA and activated, I recommend meditating with it regularly, and receiving information from and through it. The activation process lasts for about four to five weeks, and once it is ready, you can start working as a channel between The Sun and Mother Earth. Then you should probably ask Mother Earth and the Sun for more guidance… 😊

Good luck!

Arje Sakari Silander

p.s. Please share your own experiences with your sun discs with us so that the knowledge on the subject will grow bigger.. 😉

6 thoughts on “Sun discs – how to activate and use them

  1. So, it is common for others to have these Sun discs? I received a few things during meditations on and off for a few years now. I also received a sun-disc and I hold The Flower of Life symbol as well, so I activated it yesterday into the core of the earth with my crystals I hold astrally at my feet. The Earths Schuman Res changed when I activated all of them together. I didn’t know I just activated all with my heart space with unconditional love for all.

    1. Hei Bridget,
      I do not know how common it is. I personally know of only 6-7 people who have them and I have never seen any article on how to activate them anywhere on the internet. That’s way I wrote this article. But when I meditated on them at 2011 at Mexico, I felt like there were thousands of people who have them.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with them!
      Love, Arje

      1. Your drawings of an activated sun disc looks like what I have seen on two separate occasions when looking into the sun about an hour b4 sunset while contemplating what a sun portal truly means. I have been in love with the sun these last few years and i think you have helped me understand more than I expected to, thank you. When you say receive a sun disc, physically or spiritually?

  2. Thanks for your comment! In a previous life, when I was a Mayan Priest, it was an actual physical disc, but in this life it was a spiritual experience.

  3. Thank you for this information. I have recently recalled a past life as a Mayan with black panther and sun disk. I have memories standing at the top of a stepped pyramid with a physical gold sun disk. I understand we came from Atlantis and settled on the Yucatan Peninsular. I also have memories of a blue crystal skull in one of these pyramids deep in the jungle. Thank you for your very interesting article. Blessings dear one

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